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  1. What rear end and front end does our Jeep have?

    Put your VIN at the end of this link and see the full Equipment Listing... A Dana 44 will show as Dana M220 Wide Rear Axle.
  2. Stripped Torx Bolts - Help!

    I had a similar problem, but it was my torx bit that broke off inside the bolt... Had to drill it a hole in tool steel to get it out.
  3. Rubicon Poll - Have you had problems with your locker sensors

    I've seen intermittent "Service Axle Locker System" lights since year 1, but I've never had a problem using them. The error will usually show for a few seconds about once a month when I first turn on the Jeep, but them go away. I'm seriously considering potting the sensors, but I have to make...
  4. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    The TeraFlex window screen is not flimsy. It has a shiny silver side and the white side with the logo and it fits perfectly and folds nice and small to fit under the passenger seat.
  5. So this is silly...

    Ahem, that's touché. ;)
  6. So this is silly...

    The bigger US dealerships have direct access to order from the factory, while all Canadian dealerships have to pass their orders through FCA Canada first, and then deliveries are consolidated on trains by region. My neighbour just picked up a '21 JLR in Sarge Green with beige leather off a lot...
  7. Has anyone added an aux fuel tank to their JL?

    Sure. Long Range America makes a good one. And a review/install:
  8. Passenger airbag?

    Passenger Advanced Front Air Bag Disabled (PAD) Indicator Light... Owner's Manual, page 359.
  9. Anyone install ball mount above mirror?

    If you pull off those panels, you'll find 2x 6mm studs hanging down that might help with stability. I believe their purpose is to affix the advanced-safety group cameras. I am using the driver's side one for a metal plate that my dash cam is taped to. I was already thinking of doing something...
  10. Canadian Tire - MotoMaster Oil

    Well, until recently I always went with "better" brands for my vehicles. So it's been Penzoil for the first few changes. But Costco has just outdone Canuck Tire with 2x 4.73L full-synthetic oil for $26.99. Well, I decided it was worth a try and changed it out this week. I'm still using K&N...
  11. Which YouTuber Makes Your Favorite Content?

    Virgil with Northbound Expeditions makes good content, and the Northeast 🇨🇦 trails vary greatly from what you get out West. Many of you might already know them from their NBX trail gear.
  12. Identifying Heavy-Duty Alternator

    You must have the 3.6L with eTorque... Check out this thread: Do NOT go back through the older posts, unless you're just out for a laugh!
  13. Shackle mounts for front Rubicon bumper?

    Not for me, but they used to make them for JKs. It appears they do not offer them anymore. I asked them once if they could make it fit the JL bumper, but they weren't sure...
  14. how to keep 4xe height under 82" with rooftop tent?

    With a 3½" lift, you could put suck-down winches on the axles to squat the jeep in the garage!
  15. What kinda sliders are you all running?

    I'm very happy with my Rock Hard 4x4 rails (angled down).
  16. do you reuse stock tire carrier with Mopar tailgate reinforcement or need one for bigger tire?

    I have 35" Nexen Roadian MTX tires (physically 34" tall) on aftermarket wheels with a -5mm offset. That offset pushes the tire out almost 2", which means it fits fine on the stock tailgate mount. The only thing I needed was to add 1¼" to the bump stops to keep the tire from shaking. The cover...
  17. Bestop Sunrider issues

    Bestop Customer Service is great, you should contact them and they will help you fix it. @Bestop
  18. Did all the jeep original tires and rims from a certain year up have the tire pressure monitor system?

    I believe all passenger vehicles are required to have some sort of TPMS as part of the TREAD Act which came into effect in 2007...
  19. 21 JL first outing, what did i do wrong?

    It happens to many of us that the first few times you put it in 4L that it pops out. After 3 years, I still have to make sure to "slam" it into 4L to make sure it stays. Like mentioned above, do not use lockers on dry pavement. Turning will put a lot of force on your axles shafts. The reason...
  20. Engine to transmission case plugs

    By the way, that turns out to NOT the correct part. The part you referenced is not the rubber plug, but the actual transmission drain plug (with magnet). The correct part number is 4593887AB, and I found a couple of other threads with similar questions once I had that number.