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  1. 4xe break-in process

    Not much. The context of those vague wordings is important. Don't floor it in low gear but occasionally do it in higher gears at cruising speeds.
  2. Grinding feeling in the clutch pedal?

    Yes. By selling it and going for an auto. :)
  3. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    Same here. She can drive what she wants and I drive what I want. BTW, nobody drives my vehicle but me. That is another rule in our family.
  4. Turbo cooldown period?

    There is no regen status or turbo temp gauge in the Jeep. Many of us are using OBD2 add ons like Scangauge2.
  5. Turbo cooldown period?

    Rick, 400F is just an unofficial estimate and should not be taken literally. Nothing bad will happen if you shut the engine at 450 EGT too. Synthetic oil won't coke so easily. I wonder how many people are even aware of idling. I have many friends and colleagues at work who drive Ecodiesel Ram...
  6. Sky One-Touch roof tear and puncture hole - repair ideas / help needed

    It may be covered by your auto insurance. You might pay the deductible and get the top replaced at the dealership.
  7. what causes an active regen to stop prematurely?

    Soot % climbs up pretty fast when driving in city traffic and in stop/go situations. On a 10 mile commute on the streets, it can climb up by 10%. On the highway, with 600F DPF temps, passive regen slowly occurs but the rate of passive regen reducing the soot on the highway is much much slower...
  8. Anyone towing with their Diesel?

    Gladiator's grill might be a good option?
  9. Turbo Temperatures (for those monitoring)

    I have seen Stop/Start activate even above 550-600F EGT1 temps. I think because ESS does not shut off the engine for more than a minute or so and the risk of coking synthetic oil in such a short period is very low.
  10. Vehicle Break-In and Out of State Purchase

    Drive normally and you will satisfy the break in requirements of moderate driving listed in the OM. Normal driving can mean different things to different people but IMO just don't drive at very high speeds (over 75 mph), keep rpm below 4000, vary rpm frequently, do not excessively idle the...
  11. ESS and turbo cooldown?

    Unfortunately not - it does not sense the turbo temps. It activates even when my turbo is at 600F.
  12. Does the auto start stop system put more wear on motor

    You are not concerned with a possible negative effect of ESS on the turbo in the long run?
  13. Does the auto start stop system put more wear on motor

    My only concern with the stop/start is that even when the turbo is very hot, it still activates and stops the motor. I encounter this everyday as soon as I take an exit from a 25 mile drive at highway speeds and have to stop at a left turn stop signal. Hence whenever I am hitting the ighway, I...
  14. Accidentally left EcoDiesel idling super long

    All vehicles with push button ignitions should have this auto shut off IMO. It is very easy to forget turning off. Happened to me in a gas station once. After I finished fueling and got back into the Jeep, I realized the engine was running and i forgot to turn it off. It was a 2.0L and it was a...
  15. Accidentally left EcoDiesel idling super long

    I thought there was a built in timer that shut the engine off for these kind of situations. But other than wasting fuel, I don't think you did any damage. Since you have Scanguage, and if you did not see any codes pop up, you should be fine.
  16. what causes an active regen to stop prematurely?

    I meant at idle RPM or below, it may stop. Yes, on the traffic stops, I also have observed that regen is not paused but the RPM when in gear is higher than idle RPM in Park.
  17. what causes an active regen to stop prematurely?

    May also need minimum number of RPM too I presume?
  18. what causes an active regen to stop prematurely?

    I know for sure stopping at a stoplight for over a minute did not interrupt the regen. I guess we may have to find the answers through our own trial & error methods.
  19. what causes an active regen to stop prematurely?

    Many of us are using Scangauge. It measures a lot of stuff and you can see 4 items at a time as below. I have for example selected to display DPF temps, EGT1 (Turbo/TRB) temps, Regen on/off and STM which is soot mass load in percentage. Other items you can see are different regions of...
  20. Stiff Brake Pedal After Sitting

    Probably battery related?