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  1. Top 10 reasons I’d trade my Jeep for a Bronco

    Now I want Tacos with an ice cold Dos Equis on draft….
  2. Forgot to push the engine off button. In Manhattan!

    Don’t be so hard on yourself given the fact that you were going to see your wife. Stick shifts truly are a Millenial Theft Deterrent! #SaveTheManuals
  3. JLU CLOCK always losing time

    consider keeping one of these in the Jeep. It solved my time issue!
  4. Two Women In A Jeep Help Prisoner Escape By Crashing Multiple Times Into Police Car

    Naa In this world countries like mine (India), we use these. edit: This is how police in India were enforcing COVID lockdowns in April 2020. Violators were forced to grab each other’s ears and do a 100 squats as punishment while holding each other’s ears. You will be videotaped. The video will...
  5. Two Women In A Jeep Help Prisoner Escape By Crashing Multiple Times Into Police Car

    Yepp….I am married to one also. It seems like our 3 year old daughter may have gotten some of those genes from her as well.
  6. New Jeep Uncertainty?

    My recommendations in bold text below: What I'm looking for: 2 door remote start leather heated seats AC Cruise Auxiliary switches auto 33" tires You can get all this in a 2 Door Rubicon or maybe even a Willy's edition. What I am not sure of: Which engine? Is the 4 turbo enough or am I better...
  7. Dealership waited 2 1/2 week to place my order

    A lot isn’t adding up here. Are you able to get your money back 100%? I’d Goto another dealer or (Gasp) a Ford Bronco if I was BS’d like that.
  8. A-hole Dealer on the Phone

    Can you do something like that and get away? Absolutely Yes But should you? I think it depends on situation/market. If the dealership is able to move inventory very quickly because they are very popular in the area I think you can as the dealer will just find another customer rather quickly...
  9. A-hole Dealer on the Phone

    Try Security CJDR in Amityville or Smith Haven CJDR in Smithtown. People say good things about these two also. Better to pay them an in person visit if possible. Or a phone call at the minimum.
  10. A-hole Dealer on the Phone

    I am not too far away from you (live in Deer Park). Which one of our area dealers was this? Try Westbury Jeep or Empire CJDR in Islip. Westbury tends to be pretty good about these things but their service guys are nightmare. Empire has bad sales guys but their service guys are very easy going.
  11. My Top speed 2021 rubicon

    How unstable was it? I am uncomfortable going higher than 75 or 80 in mine (2020 JLUR, 3.6 Pentastar, 8 speed, no eTorque, 100% factory stock).
  12. Super unleaded gas for 3.6 liter

    He actually wasn't a troll...gentleman seemed to be an opinionated senior citizen. He seemed knowledgeable of past CJs. So out of respect given his possible age versus mine (34) I stopped arguing with him. At first I thought he is some kid down the block who drove his mommy or daddy's CJ and...
  13. Super unleaded gas for 3.6 liter

    That was the 80s when the build quality esp on our American cars was not the best and class action laws were lax. There was a reason why the Japanese owned our automotive market back in the 80s and 70s besides just due to Gas MPG. Fast forward to 2021 and I guarantee you no one will get away...
  14. Super unleaded gas for 3.6 liter

    Grandpa: please relax. Between 1994 and 2021 they have come a very long way with fuel and additives used in it. Good to know that you went off roading in your CJ 7. I think I am going to stop debating this one further. I was under the impression that you are some teenager who telling us early...
  15. Super unleaded gas for 3.6 liter

    So let me get this straight. You joined this forum just four days ago to tell us that what FCA wrote in their manuals is wrong and we should all use Premium based on a YouTube video you saw? I guess we all been clueless until you joined, right? Shit, I feel enlightened today as I was putting the...
  16. Super unleaded gas for 3.6 liter

    I second this comment. I'd be interested in seeing a link or a document from Chrysler which recommends the use of Premium fuel for the 3.6 Pentastar for Model Year 2018 and newer vehicles. Automotive manufacturers do not take this recommendation lightly due to the litigious society we live in...
  17. Super unleaded gas for 3.6 liter

    Guess we might be talking to different mechanics then. The ones I spoke to before getting my Jeep and after told me to go with the 3.6 as they consider it to be the second best engine ever in a Jeep after the 4 Liter Straight 6. I am not aware of any complaints you mentioned here on the 3.6 at...
  18. Super unleaded gas for 3.6 liter

    This is news to me. I have been driving since I turned 18 in 2005 and have used Regular on a variety of vehicles (a 1990 Nissan Stanza, a 97 Ford Taurus, 04 Nissan Sentra, 08 Nissan Altima, 09 Honda Civic and a 2020 JLUR). I still have the last 3 on that list in my family and they all run...
  19. Super unleaded gas for 3.6 liter

    3.6 Owner here and I have been using Regular since I got my 2020 JLUR in Sept 2019. Have seen no issues at all and am also unaware of anyone else having this issue.