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  1. Factory Mopar Lift Parts and Install Cost?

    Since my original post I have went to an X Comp 37x13.5r17. These are the tires that I have a few balance issues with. I run them at 26 PSI. The 20's ran smooth as glass.
  2. Factory Mopar Lift Parts and Install Cost?

    Suspension is GREAT. Not completely sold on tires yet. Initially balanced with beads but as they are wearing the balance comes and goes from ok to a bounce to an annoying wobble. Nothing terrible just not as smooth as I would like. Going to spin balance and rotate to see if it helps. Off...
  3. How’s your winter weather?

    81 and windy here in WV yesterday! NOT the norm. 41 this morning.
  4. Looks Like Ford Bronco is Serious About Taking on the Wrangler

    I just logged in to post the C and D article but you guys beat me to it. I grew up around and driving FORDS most of my life (still own a few) and had a few F-Series Broncos. Always wanted one of the older models though. If it ends up looking like the C and D renderings who knows? May have to...
  5. DIY Oil Change using Fumato drain valve

    Just ordered THIS^
  6. Grips

    Get them! They are GREAT. I have them front, rear, and back of front head rests.
  7. Lifestyle 'Reset' with only a mountain home and a brand new Rubicon. True Jeep Life Story.

    Witness Protection is a GREAT program! Probably not smart posting on here though. Congrats on getting AWAY!
  8. Kentucky Rampage 7685 Trail Doors NIB

    These are the doors I have WITH netting.
  9. Kentucky Rampage 7685 Trail Doors NIB

    New Year BUMP
  10. License plate, 3rd brake light, and rear camera relocation all in one?

    Finished it and it is now for SALE here:
  11. West Virginia COMBINATION License Plate/Camera Relocation and Spare Tire Spacer

    Apologies in advance for this DETAILED post but...I have for sale a combination spare tire spacer, license plate, and camera relocation set up that I have pieced together. When I moved up to 37x13.50r17 it required spacing and I only had a few days before a planned trip. I had a JK spare tire...
  12. Ya'll will probably hate me, but here goes...

    Don't buy anything with "dealer added options" such as lift kit, wheels, bumpers, etc. You can do all of these MUCH cheaper than what a dealer will charge you.
  13. Ya'll will probably hate me, but here goes...

    It's a a Wrangler.
  14. Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion 2020

    Would be nice to get a group together from surrounding area (West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, etc) and road trip down. Post up if interested.
  15. Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion 2020

    Found it.....
  16. Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion 2020

    Seeing conflicting dates. Anyone have an OFFICIAL announcement or link?
  17. Photoshop favor?

    Nice work guys!
  18. Camo Dash

    Wouldn't have thought I would like it looks GREAT in that color. Nice job!