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  1. Sahara to Rubicon suspension upgrade

    Here's a reference list another forum member put together that should be helpful Only springs and shocks are different on the Rubicon. Other components are the same unless you choose to upgrade. For example on my installation I added mopar lift LCAs for improved caster.
  2. Soft top for back seat

    Not completely sure what you're asking but it seems something like the rear cover only in the image below Question Front freedom panels without the rear hardtop installed, but could be OK.
  3. Jeep Guru's need help: Part number help before I have this installed.

    I agree. Those springs are not worth the time/money to install. For reference, I installed front 59/60 and rear 90/91 (plus 0.75" front leveling spacers) which added 1.5" all around.
  4. Jeep Guru's need help: Part number help before I have this installed.

    Your suspicions are correct. Those look like Sahara spring numbers. Afraid they won't add much lift to your Sport (maybe 0.25" - 0.5" rear) I would also verify your shock and mopar lift LCA part numbers. If those are correct, then all you need are Rubicon springs. Use this list for reference...
  5. Default volume for phone call and Android auto?

    Some are saying the TSB 08-084-19 addresses this issue. So now we need to look into this TSB ... EDIT - however I believe this TSB is for earlier model years. I noticed you have a 2021
  6. Default volume for phone call and Android auto?

    Appreciate your post. However, this video does not address the reported problem. The issue in this thread is "not retaining" the volume level adjustment after setting the new volume level. The frustration is the Uconnect always defaults back to 15 even if you've set it to 10 (for example)...
  7. Default volume for phone call and Android auto?

    X2 I'm also still dealing with the same issue.
  8. Spare tire bike rack for more than TWO BIKES

    There are some issues with tire mount bike racks on our JLs. One is compatibility with the 3rd brake light (doesn't block it) and weight capacity unless you're running a reinforced spare tire mount. For these reasons, most of us run hitch mount.
  9. Jeep named "Most Patriotic Brand" and #1 Overall in America 🇺🇸

    You're right - We definitely know that! Also the point of the article is that other people in the general population (non-Jeep owners) also believe its true.
  10. Jeep named "Most Patriotic Brand" and #1 Overall in America 🇺🇸

    Source: 2021’s Most Patriotic Brands in America Political Polarization and Pandemic Modifies View of Patriotism and Brands Brand Keys annual survey of iconic American brands has identified those brands that...
  11. California Angry Eye Grill for trade for original white

    You will have better chances finding someone wanting your grill on a JL Facebook group etc. It will be extremely rare on this forum.
  12. California 2021 Willys 4-door Diesel Take-off Shocks, Springs LCAs, Box and hardware, $125

    You may be able to give them away in the pay it forward thread. Assuming your goal is to get them out of your garage.
  13. Soft Top Purchase

    Check out They are one of the forum sponsors.
  14. Spacers to Level Out JL

    Glad to help. I went with RC spacers up front.
  15. Spacers to Level Out JL

    This is a good thread and a valid question. I don't have Metalcloak Gamechanger lift installed, but I'm assuming the passenger side lean is because the Gamechanger lift spring lengths are the same for driver/passenger side. I learned when I installed a Rubicon lift on my JLU, the passenger side...
  16. Connection issue with 12+8 bypass cable

    Finding your cheap Veepeak is the answer. I have and use the Veepeak device with JScan on a regular basis. It has been flawless.
  17. Has anyone else been the victim of unprovoked road rage since having a Jeep

    I live in Southern California, so we are surrounded by bad drivers on a regular basis. Getting cut off is a normal part of my day regardless of the vehicle I happen to drive. :facepalm:
  18. Secure hard top storage

    Some people get creative and store them inside their home on carts etc. Are you living on a ground floor? Otherwise, hopefully friends or family could be an option ..
  19. Jeep Wrangler Sport Upgrade - 265/70/17 or 285/70/17?

    No, I had some steering wander issues early on before a series of TSBs/updates and reduces psi at that time. Too high psi can also cause part of the problem. Working well overall and steering is solid now. No urgent reason for changing/increasing.
  20. Jeep Wrangler Sport Upgrade - 265/70/17 or 285/70/17?

    Believe they're at 33psi last time I checked.