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  1. Ursa Minor Installed

    I envy you (can't wait for mine), I ordered mine early January 2021...hoping to get it before November for a 7 day Utah excursion by the Maze district. John said maybe by end of June (finger crossed).
  2. Anyone else have this under their dash?

    Interesting my 2019JLUR tracking device was different, it made an annoying sound, took it to dealer and they eventually found it and removed it...see thread below for video of sound:
  3. Ursa Minor?

    Thanks for the info/update...btw...i ordered (january 5th) mine through the phone..and was told an email with my order description would be sent. i know they are busy, so I figured they haven't gotten around in sending the email. How long did it take for you to get an email order confirmation...
  4. Ursa Minor?

    Nice....I just ordered mine early january 2021, was hoping to get it within 7 months....hopefully I get it before November...for my annual 5-day utah trip.
  5. How much money have you wasted so far?

    Thinking of getting the Ursa Minor also, question, when did you place your order? Just gauging how long the lead time wait is, thanks in advance
  6. Ursa Minor?

    Thanks for the quick response. Curious do you know what type of payment they take (Credit Card -for points?) and how much is the deposit? thanks again in advance.
  7. Rear window just exploded!!

    I have the same discoloration on my back window (bought it like that new), i thought it was normal until I compared to a friend who bought one too (barely any discoloration). With that said, I have never had any issues with mine, and still works.
  8. Ursa Minor?

    Question...Did you ask if they can install the UM and how much was the installation? I'm surprise they installed the UM during covid. Only reason i'm asking about the installation is that I only live an hour and a half away and don't really have anyone that can help me install, but if they can...
  9. Airbag didn’t deploy. Accident with rollover

    Like everyone is saying...glad your are both ok...On another note, if you do plan to get another jeep...see if you can keep that windshield, not sure what it's made of :)
  10. 50" lightbar recommendations?

    Thanks, btw I like your thorough installation (youtube videos) on the lights and also the lessons learned. I also dig the front grill plasti-dip, will also be doing this, I just didn't realize, there was so much nuts/bolts/clip behind the grill. I guess it's easier and cleaner than masking it off.
  11. 50" lightbar recommendations?

    FYI, there's a sensor on the windshields and looks to be about 3 inches from the top of the windshield, do you mind checking if this would interfere or possibly interfere? Thanks.
  12. 50" lightbar recommendations?

    Do you have the Advance safety group package, If so, I wanted to know if your gravity pro 6 (8) interferes with it or not? Or if you know it will work either way?
  13. Is the steel Mopar Bumper worth replacing with an aftermarket one?

    I also just replaced my steel bumper with LOD Destroyer full width and yes there's a 100 pound weight difference (including the tire carrier only). Question...after installing the LOD bumper, I noticed that the Trailer wiring harness bracket seems to stick down a bit...and figuring it would be...
  14. StargardGPS?

    For's a screenshot of the email I got from them... I know they got my email from the dealership, because they also texted me to setup an appointment.
  15. StargardGPS?

    Will the way on another thread ( , I took my jeep to my dealer for an annoying alarm (siren) every time I start the engine. Come to find out another dealer (from where the jeep came from) installed a...
  16. StargardGPS?

    thanks time I go to the dealer for oil change, I will let them know not to activate/register the thing...and will ask them to remove it or something if it's already installed...will update you guys.
  17. StargardGPS?

    Anybody have this on their JLUR...bought mine in july 2019, and recently been contacted by them to go back to my dealership and get this activated and registered. Does this cost extra money, if so, how much? Is it worth it (or can it be removed)? Thanks in Advance.
  18. Beeping when turning on JLUR

    No problem, by the way, at the top of the report it mentions "TK139", maybe someone here that have access to the dealer system can look it up and tell us what brand this is maybe a "TK Star"
  19. Beeping when turning on JLUR

    Latest update (6 hours later, only one technician trying to use his ear to locate it): Dealer found the issue of the "Pew Pew Pew" was a dealer installed (from another dealership) tracking device alarm...problem solved...yeah.