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  1. Michigan WTB JLUR upgraded wheels only... Need only two, but will take five if needed

    I have 5 that I may be off loading soon, all in excellent condition. Never been off-road. I am in Dallas though so not sure what you are willing to pay. I was likely going to sell all 5 for $600.
  2. JL AEV Borah wheels with 35’s

    Do you need the extension bracket in order for your wheels to fit properly on the tailgate?
  3. New Jersey FS: APB (Front) Big Brake Kit.

    What are the size of the rotors? Any idea what the smallest diameter wheel is “cleared” to fit?
  4. JLUR spring comparisons

    I recently installed a winch and aftermarket front bumper on my 2018 JLUR. My Jeep is soft top with 2.0L and tow package. It seems as though there may be some slight front sag due to the extra weight. I am wondering if changing the front springs to one of the other rubicon springs will make a...
  5. 315/70/17 tires on my stock Rubi wheels

    I have a 2018 JLUR with OEM 17x7.5 Rubicon wheels. I know several of you have posted on this thread showing the 315/70/17 fitting without issue. What I am not clear about is, are any of you having fitment or rubbing issues with this set up when the suspension is really working on a non-lifted...