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  1. Picked Up My 392 Yesterday!

    I think it feels more grounded and solid than with stock rims, ride quality is better, due to the extra rubber absorbing potholes. you're welcome.
  2. Picked Up My 392 Yesterday!

    @Rob97RR You tell me what you would like pictures of and i will take them.
  3. Picked Up My 392 Yesterday!

    @Rob97RR they are 18x9 and stick out almost 2 inches. thanks, I love the stance.
  4. Picked Up My 392 Yesterday!

    @richk225 lots of questions let me attempt to answer 1) only difference between 33 and 35’s was the feel on road, absolutely no difference in power or performance. The bigger, wider tires feel more solid, yet more comfortable, if that makes sense. 2) I would buy a tazer, I plan on grabbing one...
  5. Picked Up My 392 Yesterday!

    @Mtpockets sorry, not now. Keeping for now.
  6. Picked Up My 392 Yesterday!

    Picked up mine on Thursday. Put fuel ammo rims with -12 offset. 35 x 12.5 bf goodrich ko2 tires. Lights and brush guards coming later. May bump up to 37’s once these wear out. Drives and handles great. Power is RIDICULOUS! Sounds amazing. The engineering that went into this Jeep needs to be...
  7. 392 available at MSRP (MA)

    Central Jeep, Norwood, picking mine up Thursday
  8. Bourbon talk...

    Garrisson is great
  9. Wrangler Rubicon 392 Reviews Compilation

    Well said, completely agree. I bought one. i Have been blessed, I work hard, I enjoy cars and especially v-8’s . Some of the comments are out of line, if we cared about gas mileage we all be buying Prius’s. If we cared about price, we would by a KIA. I am happy for you and all that purchase one...
  10. % of Diesels with major problems?

    Zero issues with mine, 6 months old, 8,000 miles.
  11. Terrible Seats

    Honestly, if your dream jeep cost $50,000 anyhow, why wouldn't you just get $1,000 seat made or buy an aftermarket? I have two ruptured disks myself, i have no issue with the seats (cloth), i would also have no issue spending money to be more comfortable. I agree, the adjustments are very...