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  1. High Tuck Exhaust opinions, please

    To be honest, even our standard MF-Series kits shave a good amount of weight from the factory muffler. That thing is chunky.

    Hi, at this time we do not have plans to develop a Y pipe, but that's not to say won't develop one at a later time. We make a point to have all of our products be 50-state legal and in most cases with midpipes there isn't a way to create a significant improvement in performance without...
  3. Question??

    Hi Jxzi, there will be an upside and downside to each type, it just depends what fits your budget and achieves the effect you are looking for. Axlebacks will be more affordable and offer an improvement to the sound of your jeep, but won't do much for power gains. Catback systems cost a little...
  4. High Tuck Exhaust opinions, please

    Will you be doing any offroading that will need a high tuck? If you're mainly looking for weight savings, you could always just remove the clunky stock muffler/resonator and replace with smaller lighter-weight units too for relatively cheap. As mentioned, we also offer our Offroad-Pro and...
  5. Down2Mob Overland Gets a MagnaFlow Rock-Crawler Cat-Back - Install & Sound Clips

    Hey Guys, We know this isn't a JL, but we wanted to share some cool Jeep content with you. We recently sponsored Down2Mob Overland with one of our Rock Crawler exhaust systems for their Gladiator JT project (Part #19486). Check out his video for an unboxing, install and review of the system...
  6. Dynomax Muffler Delete with Magnaflow Muffler Install

    Nice little custom exhaust mod, Punkn. Thanks for choosing MagnaFlow!
  7. Magnaflow Axle Back Exhaust??

    Those are both great tips. We appreciate the positive feedback, too!
  8. Magnaflow Axle Back Exhaust??

    Shari, if you have any other questions we can answer about our axle back systems, please feel free to shoot us a PM or call at 1-800-990-0905! That looks awesome! There's something about black and yellow that gets us every time. :giggle:
  9. Best Hi-tuck exhaust w no drone

    It's going to be difficult to find what you are describing as most aftermarket high-clearance catbacks gain the additional clearance by using a smaller/thinner profile muffler and resonator, which inevitably will change the volume and sound characteristics. How much offroading/crawling does your...
  10. Removed Stock Muffler

    Don't quote us on this because it's been a while, but we remember it being 50-60lbs if you're counting everything after the Y.
  11. Best axleback exhaust for 2 door JL?

    Any exhaust with a true freer-flowing muffler design should retain LESS heat in most cases.
  12. Magnaflow exhaust system for the JL

    Hi Shadow, we'd be happy to go over the steps to adjust the fitment of your system and provide some pics if necessary. Please feel free to give our tech support team a call at 1-800-990-0905. We can be reached anytime from 7am-5pm PST.
  13. Best axleback exhaust for 2 door JL?

    We always like to say there is no best exhaust, just what is best for you. There are a number of exhaust threads with useful information, but the best route would be attending your local Jeep meet or trail ride and listening to different exhausts in person to see what you like best. It will be...
  14. Lil' Mrs. Focker's Bright White Build

    Awesome build and documentation, Focker! Thank you again for choosing MagnaFlow for your Jeep! We're tuned in to see what else you have in store.
  15. 2.0l turbo Exhaust thread.

    Hi, there are not any bolt-on solutions to do it at this time.
  16. MagnaFlow Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!

    Hi Muller, this was a promotion we were offering temporarily for Black Friday. Please check in with our social media channels to stay up to date on new promotions we may be running in the future!
  17. 2.0l turbo Exhaust thread.

    You'd be surprised how much the stock exhaust weighs compared to our kit. Its a significant difference!
  18. Borla or Magnflow?

    Hi Caleb, both systems are great quality options and from what we understand the sound levels are fairly similar between the two. It will really be up to what sound you prefer best! If there are any questions we can answer regarding our system, please feel free to drop us a PM or call at...
  19. 2.0l turbo Exhaust thread.

    We'll keep an eye out for the sound clip. Thanks again for choosing Magnaflow for your Jeep!
  20. The loudest exhaust on a JL

    Our Rock Crawler kit with the before-axle exit is fairly aggressive. There's always the straight pipe option, though it wouldn't be very fun to drive!