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  1. I was so happy until I saw this puddle

    If that is a Maxcare warranty, I’d take it and be happy. YMMV.
  2. Automated Suction cup marks left on front windshield...removal?

    Have you tried IPA with a magic eraser? The ME adds mechanical action (think light sanding) to the solvent power of IPA. If that doesn’t work for you, increase the mechanical action by going to 0000 Steel wool in place of the ME.
  3. Let talk 2 door JL

    Wow, apparently somebody grew up in a household where the seal for the microwave had a leak.
  4. MOPAR soft top window storage bag review

    Got mine a couple weeks ago and have used it a lot ever since. It’s a bit of a tight fit behind the rear seat of my 2door, but it does fit and does a great job of storing and protection.
  5. How Long

    Agreed. You’ve been patient. I’d you still don’t have any information it’s time to go somewhere else IMO.
  6. Are red Jeeps faster?

    As an engineer, i rely on empirical data versus opinion for my “facts”. Having said this, red is absolutely faster.
  7. Damaged in transport

    I agree. As hard as it is now to be patient to insure you get what you deserve, it seems like the right long term move. Be strong.
  8. Bestop JL Soft Top - Help Us Decide

    Agreed. Very hard to be patient.
  9. Preventing Fender Fade

    The texture makes it a bit tricky IMO... I’d use a Dawn solution (careful not to get on painted surfaces or you’ll remove any wax), a soft bristle brush and several washes. For really stubborn areas try and magic eraser (lightly) but again avoid the painted surfaces. Then 303 To keep it...
  10. JL welding Issues

    That was one ugly color lol.
  11. Master Issue TIP Thread

    Great to hear. Congratulations.
  12. Steering Issue at 1300 Miles - Failed Track Bar Mount

    Glad to hear someone has noticed. It will only get resolved if those with issues speak up. You’re very fortunate to be able to write about your experience at all. Count your blessings.
  13. Side Steps for 2 Door JL?

  14. Side Steps for 2 Door JL?

    Do you mind sharing what Roam told you about the timing/availability?
  15. Anyone know how to remove scratches from plastic fender flare?

    That's a textured surface so I think your results will be limited. That said, Plastic-X from Meguiars has always been a good way to help recover plastic surfaces.
  16. Steering Issue at 1300 Miles - Failed Track Bar Mount

    @JeepCares you probably will want to jump in here as this appears to be a very serious issue that should have corporate involvement IMO.
  17. Steering Issue at 1300 Miles - Failed Track Bar Mount

    That looks like a failed component to me. You can see where it was once attached. IMO - in addition to getting your dealer to fix it, you should also contact the NHTSA. It seems the whistle blowing welder that some on this site have questioned was indeed correct. You’re very lucky to not be hurt.