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  1. Audio cutting in and out

    Yes I have the problem and have an appointment on Monday thanks to Jeep Cares. I have narrowed down the problem to something with the Backup Camera. If you unplug the camera the audio no longer cuts in and out. Its a NTSHA safety thing that is a huge issue. Maybe they will get it fixed.
  2. Audio system issue - cutting in and out

    If you go to the back of the tailgate there is a panel that you remove. The backup camera is the thick black wire with a white plug on the end. You just disconnect the white plug and you are good to go.
  3. Audio system issue - cutting in and out

    Yesterday I disconnected the cable for the camera and so far my radio has not cut out at all. We really need a solution @JeepCares
  4. Audio system issue - cutting in and out

    Well they sent me home again and told me to wait until the Jeep engineer comments back which could be Monday. @JeepCares Brand new vehicle smh
  5. Audio system issue - cutting in and out

    Just bought a new 2019 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara on Wednesday. Since day 1 I have had an issue where the backup camera will glitch out and either give a blue screen or sometimes a green screen. When it gets the green screen, the audio starts to cut out on every source every 2 seconds or so...