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  1. Ocean Blue Rubicon Golf Cart

    And a small winch on the front bumper
  2. Mopar Maximum Care Unlimited Miles Warranty

    Not that I’m aware of. Mopar has a list of the parts they cover. It’s a lot of the big things and expensive electronics but not everything.
  3. Mopar Maximum Care Unlimited Miles Warranty

    Well according to Tom, I have to pay a small surcharge because my Jeep is over a year old. The plans do start from day 1, inservice date. So if you purchase a 6 year plan, its 3 years of coverage beyond the factory bumper to bumper 36 month plan. The twist is mileage, if you put 36,000 miles...
  4. Mopar Maximum Care Unlimited Miles Warranty

    Has anyone looked into or received pricing on Mopar Maximum Care Extended Plan? Looks like they are offering 5, 6 or 7 year unlimited mileage plans with either $100 or $200 deductibles. I have a 2018 JL Sahara and contacted Tom but not sure if these plans are the best value. Trying to get a...
  5. What option do you regret not getting? By popularity!

    +1 on the proximity locks and cold weather group.
  6. 2019 Moab Fuel Mileage

    Tires are the key to this discussion. I purchased a new 2018 Sahara with the Bridgestone tires and was amazed at the gas mileage, over 21. I purchase a set of Rubicon takeoffs with tires, love the look but my gas mileage dropped to 17 to 19. Sounds like the mud terrain tires could be worst.
  7. Reports/rumors: Serious accident at 2019 Easter Jeep Safari

    Thank you for the update on her injuries
  8. Reports/rumors: Serious accident at 2019 Easter Jeep Safari

    I just pray the lady didn’t loose her leg. Was that statement from the partial amputation and now she has had surgery and is in the healing process with two legs and lots of therapy? BTW You can mall crawl and run over someone in a parking lot, the end result of two lives affected is the same.
  9. Wrangler JL 3.6L Tuning Now Available from Superchips

    So trade for a Rubicon... Wish Jeep would have just built the 8 speed automatic non Rubicon Jeeps with the 3.73
  10. Wrangler JL 3.6L Tuning Now Available from Superchips

    One issue with non Rubicon JL’s is no torque at 1500 rpm in 8th gear at 65 mph on non standard 33 inch tires. The standard final drive ratio verses the Rubicon makes it downshift to 7th gear, gas mileage suffers greatly. Is there anyway to get more power that low in the RPM band to make it...
  11. Goodyear Ultra Terrain Tire

    They look great, I looked at a display tire at my local Discount Tire store. I just don’t understand why DT has these only made in Load Range E.
  12. NEW JL Accessory Ideas for Manufacturers

    I sent a request for a quote, thank you!
  13. NEW JL Accessory Ideas for Manufacturers

    Dash mounted sun visors, that you raise up, to block the suns reflection off of the hood. Longer center arm rest. Clear windshield protectors, so your windshield isn’t easily broken by rocks. You apply it like a screen protector.
  14. Tow package or anti slip? Or order a 2019 and wait for both?

    I 100% agree with this statement. If you don't get the Jeep the way you want it, you'll regret it. I wish a 1000 times I had the proximity locks and select-trac. I’m probably going to buy another Jeep exactly like I want it, next year. My saving grace is my wife has converted to loving Jeeps...
  15. Tow package or anti slip? Or order a 2019 and wait for both?

    I'd get the anti slip, it's what will make your Jeep work better on slippery surfaces, paved or not. Towing is great but that can be added later, the anti slip would be expensive to add. I look at it this way, a Jeep is suppose to be able to get to places other vehicles can't. Trucks tow...
  16. Jeep posted a Gobi JLU Rubicon on social media - is it coming?

    It’s got to be tan, the sun lite areas are tan. The headlights and trail rated badge show silver. It’s either a tan Jeep or a photoshopped tan Jeep.
  17. Alcon Big Brake Kit for JL Wrangler Complete!

    Rotor size and mass has a lot to do with how much kinetic energy can be changed to heat. Ceramic rotors have made the old school calculations hard to apply. Bigger rotors help a lot. If you don’t think so ask someone to install some Miata rotors on your Jeep. Back in the day, when everyone...
  18. How long can you own a Jl and still purchase lifetime warranty

    Great information, you guys are awesome! I’ll contact Tom.
  19. Am I the only one who likes my Jeep?

    Love my Jeep, no its not perfect but I’ve never owned a perfect vehicle. This one has character and charm. Owning a Jeep makes you want to own Jeeps. One isn’t enough. I watched a [Banned Site] video and caught the bug for a old Jeep PU! I can’t make myself sell my TJ. I still want to keep pouring...