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  1. Hephaestus designs is looking for a few jeep owners to demo their H.I.D Hook for hard tops

    I like this idea but I am concerned about 2 things. 1. Long term wont this put stress on the fiberglass as it would seem to be just a bolt system throught the fiberglass part only. 2. Im not sure I like the fact that this hook would have to stay on all the time and stick up from the top as it...
  2. 2020 North Edition JLU tires

    Ok sounds good thank you. I may put something on WTB that's a great idea. Anyone lese have any experience with alternate tire sizes on the 18 inch rims on a North Edition?
  3. 2020 North Edition JLU tires

    All- I have searhced up and down but cant find anything to recent or relevant. I have seen lots of discussion of new bigger tires on stock JLU's and Sport. However, I have agreed to purchase, but don't yet own a 2020 Sting Grey North Edition JLU. I really liked many of the features that came...
  4. 2021 JL Build Status - Post Yours

    This is almost exactly the build I want. What was sticker and what did you end up agreeing to pay? Estimated delivery date?