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  1. First time at Rowher Flats OHV today

    Thanks for telling about this place. Was there Sunday. Almost alone Great for beginners like us to play around. First try off pavement with our 4xe. Amazing to pull up a small hill only on electric.
  2. Proximity door locks retrofit install (instructions, parts, links) on JL Wrangler

    Found an alternative to wait months for wire harness. sell a small kit with just the wires from handle. Delivered in a couple of days. With instructions too. Not too...
  3. Extra bolts in my Willys

    They look exactly like the bolts that attach the seat fram to floor. I just lifted my seat and these bolts look just the same.
  4. Raising The Passenger Seat

    Got my height adjustable passenger seat in now. Took longer than I though. Like 4+ hours. Probably due to checking how and where to open up the seat cover to not damage. And getting more small screws that was not on the exploded parts views. Still working on putting all pictures and...
  5. Raising The Passenger Seat

    Getting the last missing screws today and intend to do the job in this weekend. Will try to document a lot step by step and list what parts are needed. Adding lumbar support too as I have the seat apart.
  6. Does Electric Engine Provide Any Power Once Batteries are Depleted?

    The extra e save setting are in the settings menu on the display. Select apps then find Hybrid Electric Pages There is a e-save button lower left that opens next menu Ther you can select it it should charge battery while driving (cost extra gas) Or use energy from braking and coasting. I use...
  7. 4xe mods -- what works/doesn't work from regular JL's?

    Actually the sky top but yes black fenders Before I got my sliders on it looks like this
  8. Driving the 4xe, thoughts, info and more!

    If not knocking it will also allow higher turbo boost. Which do give some more power. It will play with both boost and ignition. Ignition is the fastest reacting. Retarded ignition do make fuel consumption worse but it is only momentary. In cold and moist weather knocking may not occur and you...
  9. 4xe mods -- what works/doesn't work from regular JL's?

    Just put a set of LoD destroyer sliders on my Rubicon 4xe. Found a few problems Front bolts are too short. Seems frame have an extra inner layer. Got some 1 1/2 long bolts that solved the issue Then another issue. The front bolts through frame. Driver side where there is a hole but on inside...
  10. Driving the 4xe, thoughts, info and more!

    Modern manufacturing do need less of break in but for that last extra performance it do help. I was doing racing for some years and there we had a quick brutal break in. Powerseating. But we also changed piston rings every second race....... The key is not to Rev too high in the beginning...
  11. Driving the 4xe, thoughts, info and more!

    Just out driving my Rubicon4xe. To be nice to the engine I kept it in e-save. A new engine need some miles for good break in. I typically say 100miles and keep revs belov 3000 if possible. Gives smother cylinder walls when not too hard pressure from combustion gases on back of piston ring...
  12. 4xE Order Status??

    Got the car. It is actually my wife's car, maybe I will be allowed to drive it. Our sales guy Ashley Brown at Scott Robinson in Torrance did a great job in describing all functions and things to think of. Like early first oilchange The blue matches Sting Gray good. Got the california...
  13. 4xE Order Status??

    Scott Robinson in Torrance is my dealer
  14. 4xE Order Status??

    I have to keep you all waiting a little more. Will get My Rubicon 4xe around 2pm today. And will make pictures Ordered Jan 11 Build sheet feb25 Not sure when it shipped. Approx 2.5 weeks based on jeep chat contacts Delivery April 12
  15. 4xE Order Status??

    I will get My Rubicon 4xe tomorrow. In los angeles. Was dropped off at dealer late today. Ordered Jan 11
  16. End of first day with the Wrangler 4XE thoughts / feedback

    If the regen work as on my Jaguar ipace the brake light only comes on when the brake force exceed some level. Normal driving where you do not let go completely of gas pedal the brake light do not come on. Compare to normal engine braking. Just that you still have your got on the gas a little...
  17. Raising The Passenger Seat

    Still working on Getting parts. Think I found a dealer who can get them. Seat for RHD some dealers say is not possible for them to order in US as it is export parts. Restrictions from Jeep. Fingers crossed i get something I soon. At least no message there is a problem with the parts order.
  18. Installed new leather interior

    Nice look. How hard is it to get the old cover off and the new on? Guess there will be some hog rings to deal with
  19. 2.0L Turbo Octane 87 or 91?

    From old experience with turbo charged engines in SAABs that was tuned it worked using lower octane rating when it is cold and/or moist. Then it don't knock. Another trick was water injection in manifold as that both lowered temperature and added moisture. And allowed either more power or...
  20. How long to get brochure and coupon

    Got an email with $750. Almost deleted it as it looked more advertising than an offer. Valid as in the post above. Hope my 4xe comes and is seen as retail purchase Valid april30. Maybe due to I signed up with purchase in 2-3months.