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  1. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    My creak is back too. I’ve been back to the dealer twice and they can’t figure it out. I have 2 appointments booked with 2 other dealers. I’m glad to see there was a pretty hefty thread started about this. Not sure why I didn’t get notifications. I’m going to try that hardtop bolt and see if...
  2. DIY Soft Top Window Storage

    This is awesome!! Just what I needed! Where do you put the rear bar? Leave it in the Jeep? If you included it in this, would it still wrap up well or would that bar get in the way somehow?
  3. Pics please - Mopar 2" lift with 37 in tires

    Thank you! Jeez, lots of mods needed for this, to be safe, its looking like a 3.5 lift, 37s, new front and back bumper $$$$ Living in Canada makes it worse, we now pay tariff on steel from the US! Thank you! Yes, off-roading is a must. Sick setup though!! Looks sharp!
  4. Pics please - Mopar 2" lift with 37 in tires

    any rubbing at all?? Do you think that going 13.5 would cause any issues on a mopar lift? Ideally im looking to go 2" lift as I want to continue to be able to park in underground garages and my own garage for that matter
  5. Pics please - Mopar 2" lift with 37 in tires

    thanks so much for this detailed response. I suppose I should speak to my dealer first and see what they say about this.
  6. 37 x 13.5 - what's needed?

    Hi Guys, Right now, running everything stock on my JLUR, I'm finally ready (after putting my jeep mod money towards emergency dog surgery last year - worst experience ever, but my dog lives on - kibble is the worst!!!! :) ) The first thing I want to do is upgrade to 37s, so a few questions...
  7. Texas Tuffy JLU Security Deck Enclosure (Central TX)

    Appreciate this feedback, I'm looking for an enclosure right now for my JLU with sub, one thing I read was that with this installed, the soft top wouldn't lock when down, is this true? TIA for feedback
  8. Pics please - Mopar 2" lift with 37 in tires

    Appreciate the feedback; does an aftermarket lift effect warranty at all? i've read so many contradicting statements about this
  9. Pics please - Mopar 2" lift with 37 in tires

    This looks great!! Couple of questions: Mopar lift - 2 inch lift? If yes, have you been off road yet? Any sign of rubbing? I've read a lot about 37s needing a 4 inch lift. Thanks!!
  10. Regret 37s?

    This is sharp. Is this the Mopar 2” lift? Those 37s, are they 12” diameter or 13.5?
  11. 37s / 13.5

    couple of questions. Anyone know if throwing 37s on the JLU rubi would disrupt any warranty. 37/13.50R20 Also - being at the dealership today. Dealer said they can’t flash the computer for bigger tires, so will show wrong speedometer reading. Can’t believe that’s true?? Also, anyone know if it...
  12. Weird plastic rattle

    Yup. This. This is what I have. Check thread “creaking noise” sounds about what you have.
  13. Weird plastic rattle

    I just posted in another new thread about what seems to be a similar creak. Just came back from the dealer and they couldn’t fix it. It’s driving me nuts
  14. Creaking sound from driver side pillar

    hey Guys, New to the forum. Picked up a rubicon JLU. Have loved it but have come across issues that I wanted to share. First issue: the USB connector in the Center console is glitchy. Phone got disconnected. Wouldn’t provide a connection for a while. Made an appointment with the dealership and...