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  1. Door Hangers, $45 shipped.

    No - sold a long time ago, sorry.
  2. Top Lift Pro for sale $675

    It sold in January
  3. Rugged Ridge Mirrors - $45 Shipped

    They are, yes, but these have been sold. I don't know why it doesn't show, on the thread, as being sold but I marked them as such.
  4. CarPlay problems

    it's not CarPlay - it's your phone. The CarPlay just mirrors the phone so you need to figure out how to reset apple maps in your phone to get rid of it's history - that's the only way I'd think you could stop the problem. Is your ex's house listed as a 'favorite place?"
  5. Top Lift Pro for sale $675

  6. Top Lift Pro for sale $675

    I’ll let you know
  7. Top Lift Pro for sale $675

    I'll know within the next couple of days... pretty sure it is going to go through but until the PayPal happens, the fat lady hasn't sang.
  8. Top Lift Pro for sale $675

    That’ll work. I just gotta figure out what SiriusXM channel the football games are on LOL. I’ll send you the PayPal link in a bit.
  9. Top Lift Pro for sale $675

    Ravager, if you want it at that price we will do the deal. I’ll shoot you a PayPal link via PM.... what day? I have to go to Denver tomorrow morning but I’m sure that’s too soon haha. Let me know. Chuck08, if he declines I will advise.
  10. Top Lift Pro for sale $675

    Ravager... I’m not that desperate LOL. If you drove to Denver I’d drop it to $600.... OKC is a bit of a drive indeed. If you can’t, I understand. I’m really hemorrhaging cash at that price.... it’s never been used and we all know how much they cost with shipping new.
  11. Top Lift Pro for sale $675

    Pm sent to Hawkeye
  12. Top Lift Pro for sale $675

    No sir
  13. Top Lift Pro for sale $675

    PM sent
  14. Top Lift Pro for sale $675

    Yes it is
  15. Door Hangers, $45 shipped.

    Shoot me a PM with your shipping info. I have to check with wife (out of town on business) on the PayPal thing - I've no clue how to use it so it'll have to be with her Acct.
  16. Top Lift Pro for sale $675

    I don’t know why that double posted.
  17. Top Lift Pro for sale $675

    In order to get a shipping estimate, I would have to take the unit apart and then go down to Fed Ex and have them box it and then get an estimate. To do that I would have to pay them to do it. So pretty much my terms on the sale have to be my asking price and then whatever the shipping cost is…...
  18. Door Hangers, $45 shipped.

  19. Top Lift Pro for sale $675