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  1. Pennsylvania

    for what its worth a bunch of the cumberland crawlers group just got fined for driving off the open roads in Tuscarora and Michaux State forests.
  2. Rubicon vs Recon Rubicon

    wouldn't the other give away be the badge is only on one side? Someone in the detailing department slapped that thing on it when it got on the lot and thought it would be funny most likely.
  3. Rausch Creek, Anyone?

    Thanks. hopefully will get out sometime before winter hits. have a buddy with a 4Runner that wants to go also.
  4. Rausch Creek, Anyone?

    I'm looking to go at some point but just had questions on how the trails are for stock height JLU Sahara's? I did recently order some Rubicon take offs that will be here next week and will give about an inch more clearance.
  5. PA Jeepers Be Warned - You can get fined!

    I'd say get to know how the local cops work. I know in my area south central pa. when car shows are in town they crack down on things they normally let slide but some of the townships surrounding the area don't care or will pull you over for anything. To me the only time I figure I would even...
  6. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Hello everyone! New to JL/Jeep forums but have been part of many car enthusiast forums for years dating back to DSM forum with my 1st car. Purchased a 2020 JLU back in June. Mainly because of wanted a bigger vehicle for our soon to be family of 5 and something to take out onto the beach on our...