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  1. The Jeep Soap Opera part 1, Guiding Light: Wife mad at me and a dose of karma

    You seem like a jerk for denying your wife her dream car because you didn't want to look like a yuppie, but then became a yuppie anyway just as soon as you got to drive a Jeep. It sounds like your not even going to do anything more than tailgate with it
  2. What would you do with a 10k budget on a up?

    Unfortunately with my last Jeep, I spent more money making it comparable to a Rubicon than it would have costed to just buy the Rubicon in the first place. Then when I sold it, I got about what a Sport costs for it. If I had a JL Sport I would get Rubicon take off axles, or Regear/lock my...
  3. Jeep owners household income

    I won't say exactly what my income is, but after paying off student loans, no longer having a mortgage, and no credit card debt, and having health/dental insurance paid for by the company I work for, I feel a lot more fortunate than most. And I'm only 32 years of age.
  4. Thoughts comparing my JK to my JL

    It's sad the first thing you buy for a new Jeep is something to fix a dangerous problem that it comes with from the factory.
  5. Driving in snow with 12.50s

    That is why I think thin tires are better. They're lighter, usually cheaper, and they're less likely to hydroplane. People say they're not the best for deep snow or mud, but if that was the case then why are tractor tires almost always super tall and thin?
  6. Traction Boards/Ramps

    I only have them with me when off roading, and I just throw them behind the back seat. Same with my hi-lift and shovel/axe.
  7. Front collision detection and random panic stop.

    This doesn't seem like a smart safety feature to me. I'd disable it permanently on my Jeep if possible.
  8. Smittybuilt vs Warn winch

    I don't have a lot of winching experience, but I can say my SuoerwjSup tigershaek has been 100% reliable and has plenty of power. My uncle has a warn m8000 and has had issues with it. Bit I believe the warranty took care of him. My brother has a cheap Smittybilt and the only issue he's had was...
  9. Has anyone else run out of gas yet?

    I've run out of gas once with my xj Cherokee. It let me know about 2 minutes before I was completely empty, by sputtering. When it finally ran out of gas. I let it sit for about 5 minutes before trying start it again just for the hell of it. To my surprise it actually started and I was able to...
  10. Stock Wrangler?

    For any truck or Jeep I own, I always eventually add a modest lift and slightly bigger tires. 35s are about the biggest I'll ever go for a street vehicle practically speaking. Beyond that I always like to have a winch and recovery gear. Maybe some skid plates. I'm not interested in a huge...
  11. Manual or Automatic for Offroading

    The gearing of the manual does help, but you also have to take into account the torque multiplication ability of the torque converter. That helps make up any difference in gearing.
  12. Welcoming my 2019 JLU Rubi! Picked up today!

    The Jeep dealership down the street from me has JLUR in almost every color and the Blue is definitely my favorite. Though White comes in a close second. Great looking Jeep.
  13. Rolling my Jeep JL on highway makes me think....

    I'm glad your safe and thanks for the great post! Could anyone tell me what kind of tires were on the OPs Jeep? I can't tell by the picture.
  14. Bikini Jeep JL Wrangler photo found in 2019 Jeep pamphlet

    I like it. I'll have to see it in person to be sure though.
  15. Ordered 2 Rubicons Help me decide

    White is a better color than black for a few main reasons. Appearance is definitely one of those reasons for me. White Jeep's just look really nice. Although black can look great too. The white gets my vote though.
  16. 4wd- Open, Limited Slip or Locked?

    A front wheel drive car with the right tires will go better than any 4wd Jeep on normal mud tires in that ice. It's more about the tire than the vehicle.
  17. Soft top versus hard top

    Yes I have the same experience with the soft top being warmer. That was a big surprise to me.
  18. New Mopar Ultimate Dana 44 Performance Axles (JPP Ultimate Dana 44 AdvanTEK)

    Would installing a front axle truss mitigate the risk of axle failure at the FAD section?
  19. Sticker philosophy

    If it's your Jeep, put what stickers you want on it. Theres no right or wrong answer to this. Just do what makes you happy. No need to complicate life so much.
  20. 2 Door JL Red 3.5" 37's

    Nice Jeep, it looks great. How well does the Dana 30 and Dana 35 hold up to 37" sized tires?