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  1. Willys Edition JL Club Thread

    Has anyone installed these bulbs on their Willys? If so, are you getting bulb error / dash hyper blinking when the hazards are used for more than 5 minutes? I'm not sure if I got the...
  2. Nevada Oracle LED Switchback Fender Light Bulbs

    I'll take them. shooting you a PM.
  3. LED Turn Signals

    are these still working fine for you? I thought the CK connector is needed which the oracle ones has.
  4. Various car audio gear

    interested, check private message
  5. Caliper Paint

    thanks, i think amazon had an option for gloss red. Did you removing the calipers/brake lines/bracket or just masked up everything? How did you paint the edges of the brackets?
  6. Caliper Paint

    is this regular red or high gloss red?