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  1. Help! My wife HATES my new Jeep!

    When you grow up, priorities change. I had a TJ too and felt the JL to be very cramped compared to it for some reason. I think its just all the extra bloated plastic in the jeeps now. The JL also has some horribly uncomfortable seats. I had constant Thigh pain driving it. My point is, she...
  2. Silly question / battery tender

    Yes both will get charged.
  3. What were they thinking?

    Ya, the 4xe jeep is really not meant for long overlanding wilderness travels. You pretty much need to remain close to malls and shopping centers or short trips to the beach nearby.
  4. What were they thinking?

    Why? Jeeps aren't the greatest things since sliced bread. If people have regrets, it could be a for a reason. I loved my JEEP. But the shit just had issues. So yes I regretted it because I traded in a badass 2500HD Duramax 4x4 for it that never had a single issue in the 12 years I had it for...
  5. Used JLU value

    I traded in my 2018 JL last Feb 20' with just 16k miles. I was surprised at what the trade in value was. It was for a SPORT and I got around 28k for it. I paid only 34k . So not too bad honestly considering I traded it in with ISSUES lol
  6. Camp stove

    For the money? 15$ used on local Facebook marketplace.
  7. Which Batwing awning - compact or regular?

    If I could do it over I’d pay a little more and get the ones you don’t need the down poles. this one has good reviews on overland clubs and is practically same price as batwing and far more durable.
  8. Should I build a Wrangler or hold out for the right used JL? Should I even BUY a Wrangler?

    IMO if you Hunt and FIsh etc I'd go for a pickup to be honest. I have had both a JL wrangler and Tacoma and I ended up staying with the Tacoma because it was so practical to just toss the dirty fishing and hunting crap in the bed of the truck vs inside the back of the jeep. I remember fishing...
  9. Jeep + LEGO = Awesomeness

    That is by far the best one. You can get it here
  10. 😡 2020 JLUR Hardtop Defect (CRACKED @ 1,250 MILES) Jeep Dealer & Jeep Cares Refuses to Warranty it!

    Clearly the reason why they didn’t warranty it is because of the RoofRack. And if it weren’t installed that great it could easily cause cracks.
  11. Installed Power Door Locks to my JL Sport

    I think as years go by part numbers change when revisions are made. I’m sure not much could have changed with door lock actuators. AA are usually the first run parts, then AB, AC etc at least for most of them. I’m pretty sure you can use the originals.
  12. Battery Pack for Fridge Question

    Right now RENOGY has their SALE going on for Cyber Monday.
  13. Best all weather mats?

    They should be in the tub already. you remove those, punch the drain hole from the mat into and then put the factory ones that were originally plugging it up on the mat. See my blog post
  14. Renogy Solar Accessories Cyberweek Deals

    Anyone check out the 15% Cyberweek deals at RENOGY
  15. Warn Winch - What 12v accessories to the winch?

    I agree with the work lights to see in front of you or a light that points down to the winch.
  16. Best all weather mats?

    First thing I did on my JL was get the Mopar ones. They actually are quite good.
  17. Coming From a Tacoma...Should I be Worried

    The fun factor quickly goes away if its a DAILY driver IMO. They are very loud on the highway. I could barely hold a conversation with the radio on, loud wind noise etc. Don't fall into the trap you hear on here that the JL is very quiet. Go test drive one going 70+ mph and see for yourself...
  18. Tire and Rim switch and seats

    You should be fine with the Tire and Rim swap. I added the Rubicon Rims and Tires to my sport and ran into no issues.
  19. Help!! Service Stability Control message

    Also small adjustments go a long way.