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  1. Illinois Free 2021Willys bumper

    Taken off my 2021 unlimited Willys, this is newer version which had the factory LED fogs (not included). This is free to anyone willing to pick it up, I live in Chicago next to south suburbs.
  2. Dealership Add Rubicon springs to Willys?

    I meant to say Springs, had the word shocks on my mind for some reason.
  3. Dealership Add Rubicon springs to Willys?

    I should have my 2021 Willys Hydro soon so I called my dealerships parts Dept and was just looking for a quote on the install of factory Rubicon shocks on my Willys and he asked for my VIN number and said he couldnt find the exact part numbers for the springs. He just said I should look at...
  4. Selling Willys tires?

    About to pick up a new 2021 Willys in a couple weeks, I want to get a set of All Terrain Tires to replace the Firestone Mud tires(maybe 285/75r17 or 295/70r17) and prob keep the Moab wheels, is there even a market for willys tires or would I be better off selling the whole set of tires/wheels?
  5. Which part# Rubicon Springs for 2021 Willys Unlimited?

    I am looking to add the Rubicon Springs to my 2021 Willys Unlimited Hard top/Steel bumper since it came with factory Rubicon Shocks. Can someone give me the correct part # for all four shocks (Hard top / steel bumper / 4dr / 3.6 )? Thanks
  6. HYDRO BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    Ordered my Hydro Blue Willys on Feb 12th
  7. Which Grille 2021 Willys Hydro Blue?

    I know the Willys edition includes the Gloss black Grille but when you build one on Jeep site and select color Hydro Blue, it turns back to match rest of body color, any ideas if this is just an error on Jeep site?
  8. Recommend IL or IN dealers?

    Just ordered from Jason at Hawk Auto, Below 6% on a 2021 Wrangler Unlimited Willys in Hydro Blue! Highly Recommend. Placed order and made $1,000 deposit in less than 30 mins.
  9. Thinking about 4xE Rubicon Lease, Help me out

    Has anyone placed an order for Hybrid 4xE Rubicon? If so, if I plan to lease, how does the $7,500 tax credit play into the equation ?
  10. Recommend IL or IN dealers?

    Thanks will reach out to him.
  11. Recommend IL or IN dealers?

    Anyone have a solid recommendation that offers below invoice pricing in Illinois or Indiana?
  12. 2021 Willys LED Headlights?

    Looking over the Build sheet, Does the Willys Edition come standard with LED Reflector headlights?
  13. Does your JL ever freeze up momentarily?

    I was just going to post the same question! I have only had my JL for a month or so and just noticed this yesterday.
  14. 2019 Model Year Jeep Wrangler JL Changes?

    Sure would be nice to see the Option for LED headlights on Sport S Models!!
  15. Anyone want my $500 Bonus Cash?

    Yup, excludes the JL! Oh well thought I could try to help someone else out.
  16. Steel Bumper that works w/ factory NON LED Fogs?

    Oh wow, thanks for the pics!!
  17. Anyone want my $500 Bonus Cash?

    Wow, didn't expect that many emails, it has already been accounted for (based upon the first email I received), hope this works out for someone since I lost out.
  18. Steel Bumper that works w/ factory NON LED Fogs?

    Anyone producing a steel bumper for the JL Wrangler Sport that doesn't require factory LED Fogs?
  19. Anyone want my $500 Bonus Cash?

    Had my brand new JL Unlimited for (2) days then I got my $500 Bonus cash in the mail, does anyone want this (expires July 2nd)? Send me an email: [email protected]