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  1. FCW ghost braking

    DS has a 2020 Sahara with 11,500 on the odometer. He recently tells me about the FCW has been activating with no reason to do so. I drove it last week and it went off 5-6 times, but without braking, just warning lights. He has stated that it has brakes on him. Took it to the dealer and got...
  2. Rubi Suspension take off on a Sahara

    I know this has probably been asked and answered. I have searched the forums and could not find the answer. I have a 19 JLU Sahara Stock Soft Top. Looking at a JLUR Diesel Suspension. Can someone provide me an estimate on the lift I can expect? TIA.
  3. Would you let your 16 year old have a Jeep?

    Well since my 17 yo is now on his 3rd Jeep, yes! :) Let me explain, DS wanted a Jeep for his first vehicle and I was totally against it for a lot of the reasons stated in this thread and firmly of the mind set of “get the Junker and let him wreck it” and then get him a nice vehicle. I then...
  4. rate this deal and question about doc fee

    Yeah, I have researched pretty much every Jeep within 300 miles of me. Both 2019 and 2020. No one is offering 20% off of 2020’s. Thought he might have know about an unicorn. Bought the Jeep today. Very happy with the deal.
  5. Picking up JLUS today in ATL, break end question

    Sorry, don’t see an option for editing title. Damn voice to text. will be spending about an hour checking it over. This is a replacement for my 18 JL that was totaled.
  6. Picking up JLUS today in ATL, break end question

    As title says, picking up JLUS today in ATL and then have a 6 hour drive home. I usually keep it easy for the first 1,000 miles, but will not be the case this trip. Any tips on what to avoid since I am pretty much hopping in the expressway as soon as I leave the dealership?
  7. rate this deal and question about doc fee

    @cosine Can you let me know what dealers are offering 20% off MSRP on 2020s? Thanks.
  8. What dollar amount or % did u get under MSRP/invoice?

    Can’t really tell you as I don’t know what your TTL fees are, but in process of buying a JLUS for 20% under invoice.
  9. rate this deal and question about doc fee

    Looking at a 2019 unlimited Sahara. MSRP price is 50,695. Have negotiated it down to 40,800. It has the following options: leather, cold weather, 8.4 radio, all weather floor mats, premium Sunrider, Safety group, advanced safety group, automatic transmission, proximity. The only drawback is...
  10. Buying Jeep Out of My "Jeep Region"

    The one I am looking at is $49,500. They have it listed on the website at $36,400. Sales person told me on the phone that because I am in a different region, my price would be $39,400. So right at a 20% discount over MSRP. It has everything I am looking for except Tow and LED. I have...
  11. Buying Jeep Out of My "Jeep Region"

    Thanks, i was asking for the OTD price and thats when the sales guy came back and told me he could only give me the SW incentives and not the MW incentives. Looking for a 2019 and was searching in a 250 mile radius of my location. This one popped up and was an pretty good deal. Not worth it...
  12. Buying Jeep Out of My "Jeep Region"

    So I am talking with a Dealer out of "Jeep Region" and he told me that because I am titling it in a different region, the discounts are different and the Jeep will be $3k more. Is this correct? I am in Jeep Region Southwest and the Jeep is located in Midwest.
  13. Uconnect App Question

    So I have a1500 with the 8.4 radio and have access via the app to remote start my truck. I am planning on getting the 8.4 on the Jeep, but I didn’t know if that radio also supports the app. If it does, do I still need to add on the remote start system for the app to remotely start the Jeep? I...
  14. Buying a new 2019 vehicle in early 2020

    Looking to also buy a 2019 right now. MSRP is $53170, sale price $45,000. It does have ~5k miles on it. Thinking if i can get them to knock off another $2k, will be worth it. Has not been titled, was use for loaner at dealership.
  15. What do you think of this deal?

    Sorry, thought I had put miles in first post, 17k miles
  16. What do you think of this deal?

    Sorry, here is more details. I have bought 3 other vehicles from this dealer, so not a bait and switch. MSRP was $56,710. was listed as a fleet vehicle with a clean carfax. I have a trade, but they don’t know it yet. Price is , $39k+++
  17. What do you think of this deal?

    2019 Unlimited Sahara Leather Cold weather Trailer Tow LED Lighting Group Infotainment Dual Top Safety Group Advanced Safety Group Hard Top Headliner All weather floor mats Auto Anti Spin rear eTorque Keyless Entry Color Match Hard Top 18” Polished Gray wheels $39k It is in Ocean Blue. I...
  18. Unfortunately in the market for a new JLUR

    Update: other person insurance has accepted full liability, and Jeep is being towed to their “total loss yard”. The wreck was caused by “failure to yield” at a two way stop crossing a 45 MPH speed limit street, with the Jeep traveling slightly faster than that (>5mph). From just a visual...
  19. Thoughts on buying a 20 Sport S or a 18 Sahara

    There is a local 2018 Jeep Sahara with all of the options I want and a lot more (except the Tow/Aux package which I can add later) vs building a Sport S options I want. The price difference is minimal. I am torn between having a '18 vs '20. Disclosure: I currently have an 18 that was in a...