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  1. Coast to Coast on $600

    Hello everyone I'm looking to travel from Ocean City MD to San Fransisco on just $600.00 My plan is to do this trip in October 2020 in my JLURD. I'll document the trip on this forum and instagram and need the help from the greater JLWrangler forum community. I'm looking for folks that will...
  2. Diesel fuel costs

    Not to get political here, but Trump is the worst thing going for the USA right now. You honestly think if he is not in office, gas prices are going to soar? I disagree
  3. Your 3.0L Diesel's MPG's, share with the class.

    I have about 3000 miles on mine and averaging 27mpg on equal highway/city driving. I cross the Shenandoah Mountains a couple times between properties in MD and WV. The uphill climbs with the diesel is crazy. My Tacoma will kick up to 4000 rpm on same climbs and the JLUD is barely breaks 2000rpm.
  4. 2020 Production numbers

    Does anyone have a site or access to data that list the 2020 production numbers for the JLUD? that would be interesting to see. Even better would be numbers for the JLUD within trim packages. Thanks
  5. Diesel fuel polishing

    That would explain why the featured it on Diesel Brothers (Motor Trend Channel, I think) They put it in a 6.7L Ford F450. They mentioned that it enhanced fuel economy as well.
  6. Diesel fuel polishing

    Anyone consider or has put one of these systems on an ecodiesel? I first heard about it on the Diesel Brothers show. However I'm only really finding info for boat people. Would this be a good add for the ecodiesel to ensure no real contaminates, water, gets to the injectors, and also it takes...
  7. Never had a Diesel nor a Jeep, I can't wait

    Higher in price or higher in stance?
  8. Warn VR EVO 10S & Warn Plate Install Pics

    Thanks. I got another bolt on this morning on the left side. Its the right side that is tight. My deep well 18 is to deep. Need a smaller one. I also read that buying a bolt without the flange should fit on the top right one. Ill keep at it.
  9. Warn VR EVO 10S & Warn Plate Install Pics

    How did you guys manage to get the inner bumper nuts back on? I have the Warn Zeon-8s and there isn't enough room to get in there and put those bolts on. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Diesel JLU Yellow Can Club

    Went up to Terra Alta West Virginia for the week. My JLDR (Not sure how to say JL Diesel Rubicon. Is there a set acronym yet?) Averaged 27.4mpg on the trip. Alot of up hill travel getting there and downhill coming home. Heavy hills in my tacoma would be at 3500rpm, was only 2100rpm for the...
  11. Center Console Organizer

    Hey that is a nice add as well, and about 3 bucks cheaper than my option. Looks clean. does it lift out easy with some storage area under as well?
  12. Diesel JLU Yellow Can Club

    Hey, If I can get the vectors of the sticker, I'll order my own. You can even drop the "Charter Member" off of it since I wasn't in on time. I'm loving the flag too.. I guess once you have the vector, you can do just about anything. Thanks
  13. Center Console Organizer

    My first interior mod was this simple center console organizer. It makes great use of the large space that is already provided. Here is the Amazon link if you want one.
  14. Diesel JLU Yellow Can Club

    Hello All Picked up my Diesel a week ago. Can I still become a Yellow Can Club member? Thank You..
  15. Terrible Seats

    Don't blame the seats, Blame your back.. If Chevy works for you, stick with Chevy. Sorry.....
  16. Diesel RPM on Highway

    I also was 2000 RPM @80. Stock everything.