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  1. Gladiator getting a redesigned 3.0 turbo diesel?

    I just hope it doesn't mean lower performance and more soot to deal with if we leave it stock. Seems like we've been waiting for this forever.I'm starting to get tired talking about it. LOL
  2. Coolant leak, steering wheel shake, tie rod loose, hvac issues, etc. New 2019 3.6 JLUR

    WOW,this is one of the top horror stories I've read lately. Mr. Cypher,I will pay you good money to bottle up your patience and understanding and send me some cause I would have come down hard on these idiots long before now. Good Luck Buddy
  3. Confirmed: Tread Lightly Discount (Affiliate Rewards Program) Applies to 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

    Interesting about Bob Baker.I bought my 2015 JK and a 2015 Grand from them 4 years ago. I got a price around $1200 under invoice IIRC. The thing at the time was that I found all these "services" in So Cal offered up about the same discount. From AAA to Costco, Tru-Car and everything in...
  4. JL Diesel Watching and Waiting Club

    Hey I feel for ya BLU....I'd love own what you're waiting for but I'm guessing it's a reach. I'm old school and built some CJ's and finally XJ's and couldn't think of ever owning a auto. I've been waiting for diesel since Toledo gave them out to the military. When the POS 3.8 with the wrong...
  5. Price aside - Mopar tailgate reinforcement

    I've not seen anything that beat the AEV carrier and that's why I bought one for my JKUR. Granted I drive a little more pre-runner sometimes than rock crawling. But..if you actually go off-roading much at all in any capacity I can't imagine putting the weight stock or otherwise on the tailgate...
  6. Any recent diesel news...?

    Thanks for participation and keeping us up to speed JL. Will be following this thread as I've been waiting for a Wrangler diesel seems like forever. Built a number of Jeeps over the years and finally decided to pull the trigger on a 2015 JKURHR that I ordered from the factory. Upgraded JK with...