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  1. Squadbox Install

    Yeah sorry guys, life caught up with me. I raised all of the concerns with Squadbox and he said they would all be addressed. He did say that they added counter-sinking in a couple areas to remedy some boltface fitment issues. I am happy with mine. The material used is thick and heavy. I would...
  2. 392 Take Off Prices

    I just got 18.6 MPG on a 130 mile trip in my 392. Probably 90% highway.
  3. Window tinting

    20% on fronts, 70% on windshield and rears 3m ceramic is what I am running. 15% on fronts would be a closer match.
  4. OEM Mirror Relocation

  5. Got a 392, ask away.

    Good quesiton, I came from a gladiator so I assumed it was 400w. It is sadly 150W, and not close to enough to charge my laptop.
  6. Squadbox Install

    No problem. He did not, but I imagine editing will take some time. He wanted to break the video up in to user selectable sections so more handy installers could jump around to appropriate sections. I will ask.
  7. Got a 392, ask away.

    Oh I see what you're saying. Perhaps I was not firm enough with the shift in that one experience. I'll mess around with it a bit more and see if it is in fact the case that 1 press activates manual mode or if it does shift.
  8. Squadbox Install

    Alright guys, all concerns have been passed along to the squadbox owner. He is a really good dude and genuinely open to improving what seems to be an already awesome product. We are kicking around the idea of adding removable shocks to my install to allow the top to be propped open. Will let...
  9. Hood Lift system now available specifically for the Wrangler 392

    The Rival hood strut kit installed easily and functionally on my 392 without any cutting.
  10. Got a 392, ask away.

    Maybe something is wrong with mine. Maybe my expectations have been set too high. The 911 and TTRS I have driven are extremely fast comparatively. Jaguar F type, VW Golf R, and Mustang GT somewhere in the middle. My 392 is about as fast as an Accord 2.0T. I'll take a quick video of shift times...
  11. New ARB Compressor Mounting Kit?

    Have you confirmed fitments for the 392 yet? I am in for the whole shabang if you have. Thanks
  12. Got a 392, ask away.

    I haven't tried, I will give it a go on the way home today. I know that it does not allow gear jumping. i.e. 5th to 3rd, it cycles 4th (1 second) then 3rd.
  13. Got a 392, ask away.

    I was disappointed too but practically speaking, at least for my driving style, the real function of paddle shifters for me is the ability to downshift rapidly and hold a gear. Given that I am not riding an apex at maximum throttle in the 392, the paddle shifters don't really matter anyways. On...
  14. Got a 392, ask away.

    You are correct. Additionally, something that is rather annoying is that if you are in auto mode and you press the upshift lever it does not upshift. It engages manual shift mode. So if you are at 6500rpm in auto mode, and you press upshift to force the shift, the car rev limits and does not...
  15. Squadbox Install

    Will do. Should be done by Thursday.
  16. Got a 392, ask away.

    Someone earlier in the thread "measured with a tape measurer" and got 392 Beadlock Backspacing is 6.125”
  17. Got a 392, ask away.

    Sorry I forgot to do this last night when I got home, I will try and remember today.
  18. locking gun safe for my JLU

    My .02 is the best place to keep your firearm is on your person. Certainly not behind a lock... Unless you plan on leaving it in the car, which I also wouldn't recommend.
  19. Squadbox Install

    Squadbox will be using my jeep shortly for an install video. If you guys have specifics that you want passed along let me know. I will forward already mentioned concerns.