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  1. Diff Breather Tube Repair - DANA 44 Front Axle

    Thanks for making this thread. I don’t even know what I did to break mine but you saved me a ton of time mentioning it’s pressed in and not threaded.
  2. Fuel Filler Discriminator, Ecodiesel

    I took my filler neck off the jeep and just took a drill bit to the part where the flapper door was and made a few cuts to help loosen it up then broke it into pieces and removed that section. If you want to get a whole new filler neck to experiment on they are pretty cheap. 52030401AB is the...
  3. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Thank you. The rear is what I was most concerned with anyways.
  4. Diesel Lift Kit?

    Did you happen to do front and rear measurements before and after?
  5. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I could have worded that better. I was looking for general lift height out of the springs since I know how much I need to make the foxes work right. I actually ended up a with a diesel now and need to change that because my dealer had the order go into a perpetual hold and I didn't want to wait...
  6. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I'm just curious if anyone can share some before and after numbers with their lift heights. I have some fox shocks that want the shock travel to be in the middle and I'm worried a 2.5" lift is not going to put me in that zone. Edit: just looking for how much height the springs gave you front...
  7. Diesel Lift Kit?

    I feel like everyones stuff is out of stock. If you want something quick that isn't exactly diesel specific call Accutune. I got some springs from them the other days. I'm using a pieced together kit from different parts from a few companies and even that took a long time to get everything.
  8. Banks Power - Exhaust, Intake, Tuner

    Did you check eBay? I just ordered one this weekend from there
  9. Raceline Monster Beadlocks on a Daily Driver

    I never had any issues back in the day with my 2009 and 40's. They make a good wheel. Actually the only issue I had was they were sending instructions with the wrong torque spec for the bolts which would cause them to break off here and there. Once they all got tighted to a a higher torque they...
  10. JLUR-D Maintenance

    I thought the same thing about a regen button. It sure would be nice if it was like the big rigs where you could either force it into a regen before the trip or cancel it if you are in an area that could be a fire hazard. All of our trucks have a cancel button and we can program them to allow a...
  11. JLUR-D Maintenance

    I wouldn't use any additives. Just use the recommended oil in the manual and change the fuel filter before its at zero% I know I end up doing mine way earlier for the fuel. Try not to get diesel at a station if you see the fuel trucks filling the tanks, it stirs up stuff on the bottom. Diesel...
  12. DEF gauge

    Most DEF tanks don't have your standard float sensors like fuel tanks. Instead they will have 3 or 4 parts that will estimate what's left in the tank. They aren't all that accurate especially on the fuller end. As someone else said it should be around 3% of your fuel consumption so people...
  13. Diesel Lift Kit?

    That's basically what I'm doing for a lift too. a friend said the RK springs would be better and that I would like the Teraflex Alpine arms and joints better. I'm doing fox factory race 3.0's and only doing 35" tires though.
  14. Facts about buzzing after the vehicle is shut off

    Interesting. I always figured it was the DEF lines clearing themselves so the fluid couldn't freeze or crystalize in them. Our 15L Cummins engines have always done that.
  15. What do we want to know from the first to receive the 392?

    Anyone have a picture of the actual production front axle to see if it still has the disconnect and if they actually do look any stronger?
  16. 2021 Jeep Rubicon 392 first Vin and order, build and delivery tracking list

    😭 They told me last week all the parts were gathered and they should schedule soon then this week they told me they were still gathering parts. I hope I just got someone that didn't look hard. This wait is a killer
  17. What’s up with 392 “launch edition”?

    That's the same response I keep getting too. They say check back next week as you should have a good update soon.
  18. 392 Wrangler Unlimited BASE MSRP PRICE REVEALED [$73,695]! Pricing directly from Stellantis

    I agree. I'm on some TRX facebook groups and there's plenty of posts of dealers offering them at MSRP too.
  19. So, When are the First 392's Arriving?? Also, who has one???

    😩 every time I ask they say they are still gathering parts for mine. I'm jealous of you guys with ship dates