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  1. If your 392 is wondering all over the road

    Unbelievable that they can't get the tailgate tag right. Also can't believe that the higher Rubicon's and 392's still get the same lower control arms as the lower height Sports and Saharas...
  2. Florida Jeep Specialty tag

    Pretty cool. I wouldn't want a tag with a pic of a Jeep on my Jeep, but would be cool if it goes into production for those who would want one.
  3. Problem with 2018 JL ESS battery is real

    My 2018 has both original batteries and the start stop kicks in often if I don't hit the button to override it. And mine is just about at 30k miles so it sits often. I do put in on a trickle charge a few times a year.
  4. Problem with 2018 JL ESS battery is real

    I have a feeling this is the TSB the OP is talking about. I read a lot and have not heard of a TSB that updates software to regulate how the batteries are charged. Either OP is mistaken or dealer is lying. OP, post a pic of your paperwork showing the TSB please.
  5. Have all the JL problems been worked out for '21?

    '21 and '22 will have no less issues than the '18 in my opinion from all the posts I've read on here. My '18 has been great!
  6. JLU All Weather Cargo Mats - Missing Grommets

    These are for floor mats. OP is talking about the cargo tray/mat. Don't think it's the same pieces...
  7. JL Headlights (2018)

    Did your Sport come with the eye/sensor thing on the top of the dash to make the AUTO on the new switch work? Or did you add the eye/sensor thing?
  8. JLU All Weather Cargo Mats - Missing Grommets

    Assume OP is talking about these... I'd call whoever you ordered them from....
  9. You might have a "mall crawler" if.....

    I've got the opposite problem. There are soo many Jeeps around here and where I travel. It's very rare one doesn't wave at me in my basically stock Sahara. I get tired of waving. And sometimes I'm not paying attention and recognize another Jeep as it's passing and too late to wave and then I...
  10. 8.4 swap to Stinger Heigh10

    Have any pics without the glare? Sounds like a nice alternative but also looks like it sits 1.5"-2" out from dash which I don't like. What's it look like at the top looking down where it meets the dash? Probably a nice upgrade for those without the 8.4 package or a 8.4 package they have...
  11. Dual Top Option Question

    If you can't find what you want on a lot, order... Or buy one off the lot with either a hard top or soft top and then buy the other top after. Pretty simple!
  12. 392 ? Hacking the 99 miles per hour limit ?

    Haven't and wont read beyond this post. I have 3 teenage kids and if your first response to why you want to go over 99mph in a Jeep is to get your daughter to college to stay ahead or pass truckers doing 90mph in rain you will not care what anyone says. You are risking your daughters life and...
  13. Best Plastic Conditioner?

    Another 303 user here. Let us know how it works out for you... It does a great job keeping plastic from fading but not sure how it will do bringing already faded plastic back...
  14. Uconnect 8.4 touch screen not responding

    I worry every time mine updates but luckily it has never had any issues. It actually updated today while I was out... Good luck with the reboot!
  15. hard top detailing.

    I only had the black non-painted hardtop for about a year but other than washing like the rest of the jeep, every so often I'd wipe it down with 303 UV Protectant.
  16. Asking a dealer to match lower price when order is already placed?

    Bottom line is they are making money no matter how good of a deal you think you got. If not they would not be in business long... So go ahead and ask for them to match. Maybe they say no, maybe they say yes. Maybe they meet you in the middle or offer something else. It doesn't hurt to ask...
  17. How to park a JLR

    I can't see how it will hurt anything. I think it looks dumb when people pose their vehicles like this but hey you can park however you like!
  18. Tailgate hinge paint chip

    It's not normal. My 2018 has no paint chips around any of the hinges...
  19. Who else besides me got eTorque and didn't know what they bought?

    We own 4 vehicles currently of different makes. I've never seen a manufacturer change powerplant "add-ons" so many times among their motors in only 3 years in my life... I bet the service guys love it! Love my 2018 non-etorque 3.6 v6 and I knew what I was buying.