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  1. RUBICON 392 Edition JL Club Thread

    In that pic those were the stock 392 wheels and BFG act’s. I have since gone to 35x12.50 nitro ridge graps on oem wheels with spideryrax spacers
  2. Is jeep going to do something for people don’t get the golden tailgate tag?

    Just wondering, when you drill out the rivets if they fall into the gate, is there access to get in there and retrieve them? Don’t need to introduce a rattle making the change
  3. Suggestions for Black lug nuts

    I use that stuff in my street glide. I’ll give it a shot on the lugs. The bike products work good! I’ve been using bug slide on my grille and windshield because the Jeep’s are bug magnets. It can be spotless otherwise and a quick ride later and the grille and windshield are covered. Bug...
  4. Suggestions for Black lug nuts

    The gorilla splined look great IMO. Thanks for the suggestion @Rhinebeck01 ! The finish is far superior to the other splined set I have.
  5. Illinois 2018 JLUR SUSPENSION

    I have the stock coils, shocks, links, and front LCA's off my 2018 JLUR. These parts were only on for about 250-300 miles. They have been sitting in a bin in my attic for the last three years. Time to clean the attic. If anyone wants them shoot me a PM. I am in Chicago Burbs.
  6. If your 392 is wondering all over the road

    Mine doesn't wander at all. Drives great!
  7. What modifications are you planning for your 392?

    I agree with that, first experience with Xpel and they made it sound like a bulletproof shield. We will see how this truck looks years down the road. My last Ram's rockers were chipped like crazy after 7 years and 130k. This Ram is only about 6 months old, and ALL the damage happened on one...
  8. What modifications are you planning for your 392?

    With the Xpel stealth my concern would be that when it gets damaged, you will see spots of shiny paint through the matte. However it looks incredible. I have Xpel all over my Ram, and the Nitto's have thrown some rocks at the rockers that have torn the film. It left little tears/flaps of...
  9. Suggestions for Black lug nuts

    Great info, and awesome hack! Thank you!!
  10. Suggestions for Black lug nuts

    Those look like they would also work, but by the time I add wheel locks the price is approaching the gorilla splined set. I have the gorilla splined on my Ram and other Jeep and have been very happy with thinking I will go that route despite the obscene price.
  11. Suggestions for Black lug nuts

    Hard to believe the 20 pack is $110 and the 24 pack is $203 both on amazon. My math says that they're charging $23.25 for each of those additional 4 lug nuts! I only need 21 lugs total. I have the mopar third brake light relocation bracket which required you use two special lug nuts that...
  12. Asking dealers to not apply dealership stickers / badges?

    I regularly tell the dealer please do not install any of your stickers or badges. Plate frames are cool, because I can just pull those off. They failed to communicate this with my last purchase to someone and they installed a badge. It was just a domed decal and I removed it while I was...
  13. Lets see your 392 on 35's or 37's stock suspension or lifted...

    I ended up with 35x12.50’s on OEM wheels with 1.75” spider trax spacers. Very happy with the outcome. I’ll end up on 37’s when I lift it more, but I am no hurry. It rides and drives so good hate to change a thing. I’ll snap better pics later today.
  14. Block heater cord location

    It will definitely help achieve faster warm Up time, and should help eliminate some wear on cold starts. However totally unnecessary for our weather in IL. My daily is a diesel and I rarely plug it in during the winter. In extreme cold climates I can see the benefit
  15. Block heater cord location

    Ok figured, as it usually is on most vehicles. Thanks
  16. Block heater cord location

    Is a block heater standard or was it an option? Doubt mine will see snow ever just curious though.
  17. What modifications are you planning for your 392?

    not a fan of the look of the mopar mounts. IMO artec blends in the best, esp if color matched.
  18. What modifications are you planning for your 392?

    I have dual pillar lights, but those mounts look great. Thanks for sharing that option
  19. What modifications are you planning for your 392?

    Artec responded … Thanks for reaching out to us We are in the middle of designing a mount for the 392/Mojave it is along nearing the end of R&D and almost ready for final test fitting before we release it
  20. What modifications are you planning for your 392?

    I sent a quick inquiry to artec...will update when they respond.