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  1. Front Lower Control Arm and AEV 2.5” DualSport Suspension Lift Question

    The brackets change things, so you don’t need a new control arm. The brackets move the center of the control arm arc to a better position, shortening the length requirement back to stock length when lifted. If there were no brackets, an adjustable or longer lower control arm is desirable.
  2. Bootlegger-6

    Pinch seam is cut, fenders are back on, and she’s in for regear. I think I had a ball joint fail on the way there. 4 death wobbles on a 20 minute trip. Felt like my wife’s grand cherokee when she had a ball joint go (while towing). Hopefully a re-torque buys me a few months, they don’t even have...
  3. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th death wobble

    I have alignment scheduled for end of August. Shops are really booked up here. I left a message with the regear shop, so if it repeats itself I’ll recheck the drag link and do a home toe test. I’m not looking forward to trying to do control arms again, lol. It should go quicker this time, but...
  4. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th death wobble

    The rapid and repeated onset made my do a knee jerk. Thank you. Do you think the regear shop would do it? I am almost clueless on regears, will they have the axle shafts out?
  5. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th death wobble

    On my way to get my Jeep regeared today I got to experience the joy of death wobbles. I’m at under 8k miles, and under 500 with increased tire size/lift. This seems abnormal. Upon more reading, my ball joints may have been clicking since day 1. I never heard them while turning, which is why I...
  6. I just wanna show off the new offroad tire/wheel combo

    38’s probably equal body trimming in the rear wheel wells. So depending on how you feel about that, I’d recommend or not recommend. I do like the wheels. Simplistic excellence.
  7. Rubi Transmission Options for 40s, tons, and 5.38 gears

    I think because of the turbo it would be best of all worlds. The low torque crawling at idle is good so you don’t put any driveline components under too much stress if you bind a tire. When you want more power/torque you manipulate the throttle. Lots of vehicles are now managing massive towing...
  8. Rubi Transmission Options for 40s, tons, and 5.38 gears

    I’m on 39’s, they’re all stock or 35’s. My regear is Thursday, so I’m still on 4.10’s. Surprisingly they are fine, both wheeling and daily driving. I want my lower crawl ratio back though, 6th gear too. I’m thinking of ordering my camaro soon, then the Jeep will only be for wheeling...
  9. Mickey Thompson A/T balance points?

    I’m happy, but the more sedate of a driver you are the happier you’ll be. Sometimes they need to redistribute and I get some feedback in the steering, but 5 seconds later they are fine. The only time I had an alarming amount of movement was when I was cornering at 40+ to get onto the freeway...
  10. Rubi Transmission Options for 40s, tons, and 5.38 gears

    I have the manual, and if I were going auto I'd want the 2.0 instead of the 3.6. They combo really well from everything I've seen and read. I wish someone had one that wheeled with me, but all 4 JL's are sticks.
  11. Pinch Seam. Cut, roll, or rear control arms?

    Full clear with forklift. I’m going to yank that small rear bumper liner/bracket because I’m lightly on it in a controlled setting. I’ll try to remold the factory inner liners and re-attach the fenders tonight. Regear is Thursday.
  12. Heart Broken

    I don’t think the at fault party can claim DV.
  13. TPMS question

    I transferred my factory sensors to my new wheels. I installed one incorrectly the first time but got it right when I upgraded to 39’s. If they go wrong, you just need a hi-lift or bead breaker and a valve puller (not valve stem puller). The OEM scissor jack can even work. Just remove the core...
  14. Mickey Thompson A/T balance points?

    I had a similar “issue” with BFG KM3’s. I’m curious to see if there was a secret step I missed. I just threw balancing beads between the beadlock insert and the tire, only problem so far is “high-speed” cornering.
  15. Pinch Seam. Cut, roll, or rear control arms?

    Passenger side clears at full stuff. The funky angle of my driveway won’t let me check driver, but I think I can get it at work tomorrow using a loading ramp. I’m going to pull the rear most inner fender liner so I don’t rip it off. I’m close enough that it could happen back there because I make...
  16. Help me with my "offroad basics" mods list

    Plates can wait until after the lift. I forgot to put that in my first response. I think most budget friendly skids reduce clearance, which can make things tougher if you’re not lifted. I’m on 3.5 with no extra skids and plan to stay that way until the down season in “winter”.
  17. Help me with my "offroad basics" mods list

    Don’t forget a winch plate! That cost might make a non-OEM style bumper more attractive because some don’t require a plate in addition to the bumper. I have the HF winch, I’ve snapped 10k towstraps with it (not mine obviously, the idiot who was stuck and wanted me to try anyway). Everyone seems...
  18. Newbie - Totally lost on what to do with gearing

    Auto and lots of highway driving, so I would actually consider 4.56. If you had rubicon gears and a 2.0 I’d consider staying put at 4.10, but since you’re regearing anyway I’d target 4.56 to help out on road trips. I was crawling with 39’s on 4.10 and it was surprisingly fine last week.
  19. Pinch Seam. Cut, roll, or rear control arms?

    Driver side went much smoother. I left the tire on so I could brace against it. I might have to cut that lower corner back some more, but the flex test will tell. JB will cure all day tomorrow, then I’ll get it back together. Second pack of fender clips arrives Tuesday.
  20. Pinch Seam. Cut, roll, or rear control arms?

    Well, that went as well as a dumpster fire. I broke EVERY connector AND my HF trim tool removing my passenger fender. I had to finish with a metal one. Passenger side is cut and jb is curing. Going to examine aftermarket fenders now because just breaking the connectors wasn’t enough. I actually...