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  1. Found JL Sport Fender LED option

    Thanks! This is the plug I received. Sounds like you swapped the red and white wires in this harness? However, by doing this you have to choose either DRL or powered with Headlights?
  2. Found JL Sport Fender LED option

    Hey there! About to buy these and curious about which wire you switched? Assuming the turn signal still functions as expected?
  3. 8.4 Uconnect OTA Update on Sat July 10th fixed backup lines?

    Yup! Bluetooth compresses and loses details. If you connect via cord then you get substantially better audio quality!
  4. 8.4 Uconnect OTA Update on Sat July 10th fixed backup lines?

    I've had the lines issue AND the favorites issue since day one back in March. Hopefully I get the OTA Update soon, the lines gets annoying!
  5. Will 2019/20 fuel doors fit 2021?

    Yes. Bought one on the forums from an earlier model and just installed it on my 21 with zero issue
  6. JLU (4DR) Going back to stock sale

    Got the fuel door installed today... Perfect! Thanks for the quick shipping!
  7. 4 Way Flashers coming on MANUAL JEEPS

    Not the flashers, but sometimes I tend to adjust the A/C Fan speed or turn it on "Auto". I also hate my wife's Camelback being in the forward cup holder!
  8. JLU (4DR) Going back to stock sale

    PM sent as well!
  9. Hardtop Removal/Storage for Garage (see pics)

    The RACOR Lift doesn't need a rope ran down the wall, just vertical access for the hand crank. I have mine right up against the back wall so just enough space to reach behind the HT window when suspended to raise & lower. Could be an option depending on your measurements. Obviously if you need...
  10. Dual Top Option Question

    I ordered my Dual Top, and it seems like that is usually the way to go. You should investigate ordering to get EXACTLY what you want. There are plenty of dealers on the forums that give you % under invoice price. You not only get a better price but you get exactly the build you want!
  11. What is the ONE Jeep Accessory every Jeep owner needs?

    The 3M... is that external to protect the paint or under to prevent the dreaded bubbling?
  12. What is the ONE Jeep Accessory every Jeep owner needs?

    Hah! I'd love some slider/steps combos but the price was right! Got a part number by chance? Also, forgot to add two of the most functional ones! Two piece alien sunshade from Amazon. Love the top off, but don't want sunburn! Can't forget the Amazon Tailgate Table either. It's been awesome...
  13. What is the ONE Jeep Accessory every Jeep owner needs?

    This is my first Jeep, so got a few things right off the bat - Sahara take off running boards (more for the wife than anything - also liked paying $60 instead of the $600 from the factory) - Paracord grab handles for all 4 doors (Chesapeake Paracord on etsy is a small business and was only $65...
  14. Pennsylvania WeatherTech Rear Cargo Liner: 4 Door (Black)

    Where in PA are you? I'm on the Eastern Shore of MD. Willing to meet on the north side of Baltimore (Towson) if you're close by!
  15. Maryland 2020 JLUR Take off parts

    Hey, are the sidesteps the plastic Sahara ones, or are they the Tubular ones?
  16. Leon Travis at Criswell Jeep...highly recommend!

    Another one for Leon! Was an awesome experience, and I HATE dealing with dealerships. 100% would recommend Leon
  17. Advice on Hardtop for Soon to be Owner

    I went with the Racor Lift with Topsy brackets/straps and it was super easy to take off myself! My joist orientation made it a bit of a pain to install but well worth it!
  18. What is best music app for Android Auto?

    I was planning on going this route when my XM subscription expired, but I started playing around and they have some awesome streaming-only stations. May be worth a check out to see if it's worth it for you
  19. Backup Camera issue

    Just to give you one more data point with an Android user. For short drives I rarely plug my phone in. Even when I don't, it's still a 50/50 shot on whether or not I'll have lines backing out of the garage. My wife and I have started calling whether or not we think they'll be there when I start...
  20. Getting ready to special order. Question on Altitude model.

    I can't help with the Auto V6, but I LOVE my Sport Altitude with Manual/V6. You get the hard top headliner, blacked out interior trim (which I'm a fan of over the silver trim in other models), Sahara suspension and upgraded brakes, all terrain tires on 18s for really not much more. I added...