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  1. Diabolical Slipstream Enclosure Pre-Orders Now Live

    I ran out of patience and made my own. Will share pics tomorrow once the carpet arrives. Also saved about $750 doing it myself. 😀😂
  2. BonusDrive

    My bonus drive check came yesterday. Would not have known about the program without others sharing. It was $250. My insurance is through Farm Bureau, and they were on the list of company affiliations eligible. The check was delivered in under 2 weeks.
  3. Braking Behavior

    In the last 3 days, I have had an unusual experience with max regen. I was coasting, max regen on, and started braking. The “power flow” gauge showed the regen was probably 30-50% on the charge side. And then all of a sudden it went to zero, and it clearly was not working as “regen” - so I had...
  4. Wheels click on sharp/slow turns

    Heard mine do it yesterday for the first time (1,200 miles on ODO). Will keep an ear out for it again, but I assume normal. Stock rubicon.
  5. Video: Jeep Wrangler 4xe embarrassing people at the drag strip

    I pulled up next to a Mercedes AMG coupe the other day at a light. I had him for about 1/8th of a mile because of traction (he had none, and I was in 4H). It was a blast. So fun to drive.
  6. Jeep 4XE Compatible Parts & Accessories

    Has anyone tried installing the Tuffy security enclosure? I emailed Diabolical, and they said they were working on one. But they raised their prices $90, so I’m probably going to not go that route. Almost $900 is a bit absurd.
  7. Portable EV charger

    Be sure that any extension cord used is rated for 15amps. I believe the level 1 charger says to not use an extension cord. The current loss over thin wire can actually generate heat. And heat can lead to melting insulation, and a short/fire.
  8. Tuffy Center Console Insert in 4xe

    My console arrived yesterday. I do not have a trail camera. The console fit. My one piece of advice for anyone installing this - do it outside of the Jeep first to be sure you have an idea on how the parts fit together. One of the support places on mine needed a little bend in a clip to get it...

    Picked my 4xe this past Thursday. The color in these pictures does not do it justice. I like the loud colors - don’t get me wrong, but this color is just stunning.
  10. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    I paid cash for my 4xe that I picked up this week. Got 6% off of invoice from Gupton. Could have got another 1% had I financed, but we like being completely debt free. Mine was ordered back in early April.
  11. Tuffy Center Console Insert in 4xe

    Any luck with getting it to fit? I pick up my 4xe on Thursday, and need a place to secure my Shield while mountain biking.
  12. Are Dealerships Still Pricing Under Invoice?

    I’ve got a 4xe rubicon sitting on Daniel’s lot waiting for me to get back in the country next week. His communication has been outstanding, especially given my unique circumstance. Ordered back on 4/6. It was delivered a few weeks ago, but that was no problem. I’m sure he likes having it on the...
  13. Bear in a Wrangler 392

    Can you share the dash cam that you have? I pick my 4xe in 2 weeks, and haven’t landed on which one I want to get. One with motion activation in parking / vehicle off recording mode is high on the list.
  14. Having my Jeep serviced at a Toyota dealership

    New wheels and tires on a 2,000 mile old vehicle should not require an alignment. I’m sure they will take your money, but in my opinion, it is a waste. There are only two adjustments on a wrangler that is stock - toe in and steering wheel centering. I know that my 4xe comes with free oil...
  15. 35's with Dirty Life wheels no lift
  16. 4xe issues

    Kind of like a trailer hitch - just because you can hook it up to a 15,000 pound trailer because you have a 2” ball on your hitch does not mean you should. 😂 Folks - please don’t use any extension cord with a high current draw device (aka a level 1 charger) unless you know the cord is rated to...
  17. Can’t decide - 4xe, V6 or V4

    The 4xe magic really happens when you can charge it. It sounds like you might not have access to a way to charge it, so that may influence your decision. Running in hybrid mode with limited charge on the battery will most surely be less efficient than just running the 2.0. But I seem to recall...
  18. Are you all using Premium gas ?

    The manual says 87. When mine arrives, it will only see 87 unless I head up to the mountains. The gain in "performance" to me is not worth the extra cost at the pump. From what I've read, the issue only comes at higher boost levels out of the turbo. Normal driving / low boost, it is not that...