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  1. Road Trip while towing with the Jeep 4xe!

    I would never subject my pup to such torture :CWL:
  2. Road Trip while towing with the Jeep 4xe!

    I moved to Utah from Oregon, and work relocated me.
  3. Road Trip while towing with the Jeep 4xe!

    On the highway I usually see about 20-22 depending on how fast we're moving. Once you get to about 70-75mph range the mpg definitely drops.
  4. Road Trip while towing with the Jeep 4xe!

    Did it so I didn't run the engine when remote starting. Figured it would be more efficient to charge on the road and remote start using battery than to have the ICE running for the 15min remote start.
  5. Road Trip while towing with the Jeep 4xe!

    Hey all! Just completed a major road trip moving to Utah from Oregon, about 750 miles on the freeway. The entire way I pulled Uhaul's largest trailer, a 6'x12' dual axle with surge brakes. Thought I'd give a quick write-up of my experience. First, the important part: I did this trip with my...
  6. 4xe Rubicon Off-Road In Electric Mode

    Guess it's good to know I wasn't the only one. Was a bit disappointing to not run the trail in pure electric with how much it has been promoted. For what amount I was able to do the silent offroading really is amazing. With the engine on it was still an absolute beast. Don't think I scraped the...
  7. 4xe Rubicon Off-Road In Electric Mode

    35x12.5 Wildpeak AT3W, no lift, stock wheels. No rubbing around town, did see what looks like one small rub spot in the front fender liner washing up after the trails, but I'm comfortable with no lift still. Looks the best imo too.
  8. 4xe Rubicon Off-Road In Electric Mode

    Took my 4xe Rubicon to run Cedar Tree #13 in Oregon two weeks ago, and had some questions from it. Put her in 4-Low electric only mode to start the day, and first thing I noticed was it shifted REALLY hard between 1st and 2nd. I'm running 35" tires, but was wondering if anyone else has...
  9. Status of Cranking 4xe in extremes of temperature

    Not to resurrect a dead thread, but, as many I'm sure know, we did see 110+ over multiple days here in the PNW. My 4xe started every time, and even remote started. Got in Monday after work and it said 114 degrees outside. Just a data point for anyone who comes looking for this thread again.
  10. Oregon Quadratec Ultimate Floor Liners Front and Rear NEW

    Have a set of Quadratec Ultimate floor liners new in box, front and rear. Ordered for my 4xe and figured out they wouldn't fit. Asking $100, Portland area.
  11. Dead pedal does not work with the 4xe

    I basically did the same with the Quadratec pedal, but ground down the top section to better fit into the firewall. Couple of washers for spacing, coupling nut, threaded rod, dead pedal, washer, locknut. Works great so far.
  12. Jeep 4XE Compatible Parts & Accessories

    I was able to MAKE the Quadratec dead pedal work. I basically ground down the top section so it fit into the firewall area better, then used washers, a coupling nut, and a stud that I cut down to basically extend the stud in the firewall. It isn't pretty, but it works and you can't see it from...
  13. Oregon 4 Door Rubicon Rock Rails

    Stock 4 door Rubicon rock rails. Took them off after about 800 miles. All mounting hardware included. $100.
  14. 4XE MPG from 120 mile trip on 37's

    As @Skeethree said, you're definitely misinformed on the 4xe. 17.3ish kwh battery, of which 15 or so is actually used. Thus, cost to charge ranging from $1.50 - $3.00 as I said. Believe it or not I recognize that electricity isn't free. And, that's why I made the comment that the 4xe value is...
  15. 4XE MPG from 120 mile trip on 37's

    Where are you getting $15-$20 per charge???? Total cost to charge the battery is like $1.50 to $3, depending on your electricity rate. Given that most are seeing about the equivalent of 1 gallon of gas in range per charge, so long as your cost to charge is less than the cost of a gallon of gas...
  16. Jeep 4XE Compatible Parts & Accessories

    I can confirm the LOD Armor Lite rock sliders mount up no problem. Got them installed last weekend, including the extra optional self-tapping bolts. Rock Hard 4x4 Rear LCA bolt-on sliders and Metalcloak's trailer harness slider worked no problem as well. Another confirmation that the Quadratec...
  17. Owners show off your new 4xe!

    It is a black hard top! This is a pic the dealer sent me when it arrived:
  18. Actual highway MPG range for 4xe?

    On the drive home from the dealer I was averaging around 21.5-22.5mpg after battery was depleted in my Rubicon. This was going between 50 and 55 on a hilly highway, with spots of 25-45 going through small towns.