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  1. What Piece is This?

    Well, it turns out that’s probably not it, I was just shooting from the hip with a guess. The JL’s have a square cap over the bolts on the cargo tie down points.
  2. What Piece is This?

    Cap for the tie down ring
  3. Help Identify this Part!!! (please)

    …Sorry I’m no help. Just commenting to move the thread back up the list so more people can see your question.
  4. What did you do WITH your Jeep today.

    😂🤣 You know this had to happen, right? Haha
  5. Finally Set to Tow

    Man that sounds easy enough. Thanks for sharing. Right now that’s what we’re planning to do in retirement.
  6. I hope they didn't start building my ride this week

    Well….who hasn’t dropped a bomb at work? I mean, you never sweat on company time and never sh*t on your own, right?
  7. Top 10 reasons I’d trade my Jeep for a Bronco

    Broncos,Tacos, money, prostitutes and puppies…….A man could be persuaded 🤣
  8. Finally Set to Tow

    Nice setup! I’m curious, what’s the protocol for flat towing? Transfer case vs Transmission, etc..
  9. Hard top rear window blow out!

    Wow, I’ve never witnessed this happening but I have heard about it. Some people blame the heat, a rapid rise in the interior temperature and sudden cooling of the exterior. Did she spray water on it as it blew out?
  10. Hit the Jeep lotto today

    Sweet! Nothing better than found money! Congrats on the new Jeep!
  11. The sound of a Kinetic Rope failure. Damage and cost..... Plus photos of the wheeling and camping.

    Wow! It really does sound like a gun shot. Glad y’all are ok. I just gotta ask, why weren’t you in 4wd while being pulled out?
  12. 2019 JL unlimited Towing a Camper question

    Just ignore physics, I have a hard time understanding why people would set themselves up for failure? Yeah, you may get away with it but you’re increasing your chances of a serious accident greatly. Two months ago I passed an accident, Jeep Cherokee pulling a 20’ camper drifted in the other...
  13. TurtleBack Expedition purchasing experience/review

    From a R&D to Manufacturing stand point, this thread is worth THOUSANDS! Good job!
  14. Pooping...the least talked about overlanding topic

    This is exactly what I use, pic is a random internet pic but it’s the exact tent and bucket. ( I never thought about taking a picture of the setup. Anyway, the liners are easy to use they have a double seal which makes it easy to handle for disposal. My wife has no problems using this, I don’t...
  15. How to turn on DRL circle headlights in Europe?

    That’s odd, all new vehicles sold in Europe after February 2011 must have DRL. Check all your fuses. ? I’m curious how this turns out.
  16. New Bronco has Hard Top Issues

    Oh boy, just wait….Here in about 8 years once they figure it all out, that Bronco might be a pretty nice beach buggy.
  17. Considering ordering a Sport instead of Rubicon, and building it up. Here's why...

    I’d borrow the money at 2.5-3.5%. Invest your cash in a fund. Most reputable funds return approx 5-8% in a 4 year period, often more. Risky, maybe, but the total loss vs gain is negligible vs tossing cash at a new vehicle that will instantly result in a 4.5-5.5% loss. Use the outstanding bank...