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  1. Texas 2018 Jeep Wrangler (JL) Unlimited Rubicon - Amazing Condition only 17k miles

    This a good looking rig and good price imo. GL with sale!!
  2. 4xe Lift Kit?

    Might be expensive install being 2000k miles away lol 😂 otherwise would be glad to help. It would be way easier with two people
  3. Can I see some 4xe Sahara's with 35" tires?

    Not 35s but at least gives a starting point to compare filling the wheel wells.
  4. 4xe Lift Kit?

    I installed the XL with no problems. There was a skid plate covering the floor grommet for the wires but I snaked up in it. All the door trigger wires matched the directions. Only took 8 hours by myself in the driveway. 😂
  5. Can I see some 4xe Sahara's with 35" tires?

    @Jeeper4xe post a pic of yours on rubi 33s?
  6. Looking for advice

    Even once the battery hits the 1% mark. It will roll out. You could pass most cars on the road no problem. It’s super quick. Be excited lol.
  7. Level 2 Charger Install

    And I forgot - they added 2 other outlets on a separate 20 amp circuit at same time. Also Licensed electrician.
  8. Level 2 Charger Install

    I paid 700 ish about 3 years ago. 50amp circuit with appropriate sized wire more 100 feet to breaker box. Had them put a nema plug so I could use welder or charger. Mounted charger on wall. 1800$ seems like highway robbery…. the Siemens charger I have was 350 then, it’s almost 800 on Amazon...
  9. Hood mounted 50” bar on 4xE

    Got these EAG brackets. Had to use a few washers to space it up from the hinge. Not many options for bars on the 4XE. Using 50” rigid industries marine bar for the white color match lol.
  10. 4xe mods -- what works/doesn't work from regular JL's?

    Amp power step XL fit with no issues at all. Wiring was all the same as JL too. Had to fish wires in the cab a little different but wasn’t terrible.
  11. Colorado $850 -- Dirty Life DT-301 (17x9" - 4.5" BS) wheels for sale (gumental gray)

    Like these a lot , ups says 96$ a box 😭😭😭if only it wasn’t so far away.
  12. North Carolina High Altitude OEM steps

    North of Raleigh
  13. North Carolina High Altitude OEM steps

    New take offs. Easy bolt on. Will install for you if local. (Little dirt on them in picture sorry) 140$. Obo
  14. Georgia Bestop Trektop Soft Top $600 - Woodstock, GA

    Does it come with door surrounds and stuff or would additional gear be needed to install ?
  15. North Carolina Sahara 4xe tires and wheels

    Bump bump. Includes tpms?
  16. Katzkin Leather Seats Review by TrailRecon

    I’ve installed quite a few kits for customers and dealers. Never had any issues at all. Fit is as good or better than I can custom sew. They computer cut all their materials exactly so it’s very precise.
  17. Ohio WTT: JLU soft top for JL soft top

    Does it come with the door surrounds etc to install? Or would one need those if transitioning from a hardtop ? My daughter is in Cleveland 🙂