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  1. How was your 392 insurance premiums?

    67. Never had a claim. not a speeding ticket or any kind of ticket for over 40 years. Drive around 15-18k a year. Our 392 costs $941 per year. Mountians of Montana. (We drive for an hour before we get to the first stop sign). Milk is 1-1/2 hour away. :)
  2. AMW HEMI swap for JL Sahara!

    On the very day I was going to call AEV to schedule a HEMI swap in our 07 Rubi, jeep announced the 392. My lovely wife said buy new and get the warranty. (I LOVE HER) The wait was a pita but (for us) I think it was the right choice.
  3. How was your 392 insurance premiums?

    Its the automotive insurance AARP recommends, never had a claim so I can't rate it.
  4. How was your 392 insurance premiums?

    Thanks to this question and this forum. I just saved more than $125.00 a month on insurance. I'm over 60, have great credit and no tickets in the last @#%^ years. (Damn I'm getting old) was with The Hartford for around 18 years... I checked Progressive and Geico for a quote then gave Hartford...
  5. Jeep's response to Silver VS gold tailgate Plates

    I've got the Silver one. I'll be watching this thread.
  6. Guide me here... I'm a life-long manual transmission driver & I am considering making the change to automatic only because I want the diesel! Crazy?

    The 8 speed automatic transmission is satisfying. I have one in my 392 but wouldn't want anything else.
  7. How do you like your 392 Jeep!?!?!?

    We have around 1700 miles on our stock 392. These are my impressions so far. First the performance sound is music to my ears. The engine performance is fantastic. Transmission is smooth and the paddle shifters are easy to get used to. The uconnect system is good. The Navigation system will...
  8. Wrangler as a daily driver?

    My My dd is a 392. Retired but busy, Jeep got it right. Not a single complaint.
  9. Straight Pipes Branco Review - RIP JEEP!

    I'm not a rich narcissist... but I did buy a 392, after owning several other 4,x4s over the years. Ford has nothing even close. I just wish bronco lovers would stay on ford forums. The bronco is not in same league as the JLUR.
  10. Straight Pipes Branco Review - RIP JEEP!

    I wonder how many people reading these posts realize that ford is just using our jeep forums to advertise the wimpy bronco.
  11. FCA Spyware

    I was gonna say keep the tires aired up and change your oil more often....
  12. Block heater cord location

    I googled it.....drivers side about mid way in engine compartment. 2021 jl 392
  13. New Jeep Uncertainty?

    I I'd expect a price jump for 2022 Love our JL Rubicon.
  14. Like to get thoughts/opinions on these running boards.

    IMO, look a little funky with the center step...however I like the idea of being able to reach the top when loading or cleaning the roof. I might get them for our JL
  15. Straight Pipes Branco Review - RIP JEEP!

    I come to the JL forums for information and news about the JL...
  16. Straight Pipes Branco Review - RIP JEEP!

    It just seems to me that bronco stuff should be in a bronco forum.
  17. Straight Pipes Branco Review - RIP JEEP!

    this sounds like a couple of prepubescent adolescences who have never had a driver's license.