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  1. Katzkin Leather Seats Review by TrailRecon

    Anyone have these installed?
  2. Katzkin Leather Seats Review by TrailRecon

    Has anyone watched this new vid from Brad at TrailRecon on Katzkin leather seats? Pretty cool behind the scenes look. Great to see some American manufacturing and the finished product looks really nice. Didn't realize they can also add heated / cooling seats! If you...
  3. Repeating ABS Malfunction

    Yeah, this is a good point. I actually suspected this as well and think it could still explain the dashboard lights (I guess it depends what kind of sensors are in the caliper, if any). Im planning to flag this to the dealer when I go back to them. But, I would hope that they're checking for...
  4. Repeating ABS Malfunction

    2019 JL Sport 2-door with 14k miles My ABS keeps activating in normal operating scenarios (when coming to a stop on dry paved streets). It activates very aggressively. Sometimes it happens every few hundred miles, sometimes it happens every other time I come to a stop. I bought the car CPO...
  5. Zion Trip

    Thanks, yeah was thinking that looks worth a visit. Also Toquerville Falls looks good
  6. Zion Trip

    Hey all - Planning a trip out to Zion mid-October. Mostly hiking / in the national park, but looking for recommendations for some off-roading trails nearby? Any general recs for the area from frequent visitors / locals is much appreciated. Also bringing the pup (8 mo. old 80lb yellow lab)...