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  1. Random Alert Chimes While Driving

    I wouldn't worry about it then. It's probably not Sirius... 😺
  2. 2-door JL Orange Peelz Concept showcases removable hard top windows @ Chicago Auto Show

    No question about it... But in my mind, the massive roll cage currently used is almost its own enclosure. When you take the top off, these newest Wranglers look like shit. Face it, thanks to our nanny-state minders, the open air CJ is gone forever. But if you do away with the idea of a...
  3. Camper batteries boiling over after towing by JLU Sahara with towing package

    I just thought of something else... Your Sahara isn't e-torque, is it? Because if the trailer harness was wired wrong (Afermarket? Dealer installed?), it's possible it could be putting out 48V...
  4. Random Alert Chimes While Driving

    I'm totally serious... About a week after I got mine, I got a single chime every now and then. As the weeks went on, they became more frequent, to the point where I was hearing them once every five minutes or so.. I just chalked it up to crappy/unreliable electronics. One day I was riding...
  5. Factory Service Manual on JLWranglerforums

    This is the closest I've found for my '20. And they've been "out" since I bought my unit last year: I suspect they're simply not available to the public yet.
  6. Mopar Jeep Performance Catalog

    Good to know... so at some point there will be part numbers for "replacement" parts the rest of us can order up... Granted, they fit Rubi fenders, But I think I can make them work on my Sport.
  7. Random Alert Chimes While Driving

    That's your Sirius radio alerting you to the fact that one of your 'favorite' songs is on... (Sirius Radio is never "off". When you turn it off, it's just muted, and continues to monitor the Sirius broadcast.) Clear your favorites, and those chimes will go away.
  8. Camper batteries boiling over after towing by JLU Sahara with towing package

    That could very well be. But it does seem odd that if this is indeed the problem, your Jeep would have alerted you to a high voltage problem. Did the trailer guy take a voltage off the harness? this would be the first step of your investigation.
  9. Carpet on the back of the seat belt latch

    I wonder if it's a dealer prep thing... if so, it would explain why mine doesn't have 'em. (My dealer was a crook and/or moron.)
  10. Carpet on the back of the seat belt latch

    Must be new for '21... My '20 (late '19 build) does not have it. Would have been nice, as my console is scratched all TF.
  11. This is weird Easter egg on a Rubicon

    The weird part is that the thong of the flip-flop appears to go between the second and third toes.
  12. Pooping...the least talked about overlanding topic

    Y'all are waaay over-thinking this. All you need is to remember: Shit, Shovel, and Shutup. And yes, A small shovel would be handy.
  13. 2-door JL Orange Peelz Concept showcases removable hard top windows @ Chicago Auto Show

    Let's take it a step further... By making the glass removable, Jeep could frame the hard top as part of the body and get rid of that stupid, interior roll cage. It would free up a LOT of interior space, and I would be far more likely to remove the glass than take off the top altogether (which...
  14. Mental Health Machine

    Yep.... And the feeling is enhanced by the fact that I have other vehicles for other, unenjoyable tasks-- the truck for work, and the Corolla for errands, crappy weather, and driving in the salt. Jeep time is fun time. Some folks have boats or motorcycles, I have a Jeep. Life is good.
  15. So how stupid would this look?

    He'll be fine... Hell, as long as he wears his seatbelt, you could even let him drive...
  16. So...should I get a JK (JL simply not being delivered in Canada)?

    They inoculated themselves against capitalism a long time ago.
  17. Like to get thoughts/opinions on these running boards.

    I for one am damned thankful for this picture. Until now I did not know what those things were for.
  18. Gimmie Your Best Jeep/Wrangler Joke

    Q: How many FCA/Stellantis engineers does it take to design a properly functioning ESS system? A: No one knows.
  19. Jeep Announces New Sunrider Flip Top for Hardtop; Innovative Feature Available Now on Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator Models

    I'm in for the 2-door cab cover... It appears from the pictures that it's intended to go over the hard top, which AFAIK, is a first.