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  1. Jeep says 4xe sold out??

    Good plan. You can easily get your Bronco by early 2025.
  2. Weird question - has anyone thought if they could fit 2 Auxiliary switches?

    There's also this one...
  3. Video: Jeep Wrangler 4xe embarrassing people at the drag strip

    This Dude is awesome. Totally authentic and just enjoying life. I love how he stripped the interior to give himself the best fighting chance. I wouldn't have guessed the 4xe was that fast. Very entertaining.
  4. Just got home from Bronco event...

    Competition is good. It’ll take Ford a couple of years to work out the kinks, in the mean time, Jeep will be reevaluating what it means to have competition. Who knows, maybe Camp Jeep will come back too :-)
  5. Official: New Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon Package Announced. Will Debut at Chicago Auto Show

    I'm not sure these guys are going to be happy about Jeep stealing their aweful name...
  6. Official: New Jeep Wrangler Xtreme Recon Package Announced. Will Debut at Chicago Auto Show

    ^^^ This is the only logical remedy for this aweful name. Let me play through a scenario for you... Scene: two dudes drinking beers at a bar. Both a little bit muddy from a day of off-roading. Bronco Knucklehead: "... so what, Jeep doesn't have anything that compares to the Sasquatch...
  7. Article: 2022 Wrangler Xtreme Recon Would Beat The 2021 Bronco With A Lift And Bigger Tires

    Oh WTF. Come on Jeep. I bet some crotchety old marketing exec came up with that one. I can just see it now... all the yes men gathered around his desk, telling him how brilliant he is. "Spell it with an X? That's brilliant sir!"
  8. Article: 2022 Wrangler Xtreme Recon Would Beat The 2021 Bronco With A Lift And Bigger Tires

    ^^^^ this ^^^^ The only thing that could make this worse is if they spelled it “Xtreme” Come on Jeep... you don’t have any creative people working there? Give it a cool name, like “Sasquatch Edition” At least Ford put some creativity into it.
  9. Mopar LCA swap

    That’s correct. I was using an extreme example to illustrate a point. The fact is, when you rotate the axle 2 degrees, you’re loosing about 2% of your effective toe, not really much to worry about.
  10. Mopar LCA swap

    I believe the effective toe is changed with more caster, but maybe by a negligible amount. To give it some perspective, imagine that you add enough caster to rotate your axle 90 degrees up. Your effective toe would be zero and your toe would become camber. So when you add caster, you’re doing...
  11. Pennsylvania WTB OEM Rubicon Steel Bumper Group

    I’m looking to buy the front and rear Steel bumpers from a Jeep Rubicon with the factory steel bumper group.
  12. Taking your dog in the Jeep.

    ^^^ this ^^^ my doggo stands on my center console, which gives him a good view out the front windshield.
  13. V6 e-torque vs 2.0 Turbo non-etorque

    I drove a 2018 with the 3.6 for two years. Then I got a 2020 with a 2.0T. Both non e-torque. I am amazed by how much more powerful the 2.0 feels. It’s more spirited, more fun to drive and feels almost like a diesel engine with how it throws you back in your seat. I was skeptical before I bought...
  14. Anyone have 2 door regret?

    I haven’t done the steering box or lcas yet. It’s good to hear feedback that they work well. I’ve been reading threads about the LCAs but I’m a bit worried that they’ll put too much caster into it on an unlifted Jeep.
  15. Anyone have 2 door regret?

    Same here. I’ve had 2-door TJ’s for years. Then I’ve driven a 4-door ever since the JK came out in 2007. My kids are off to college now and so I went back to a 2-door. Best decision ever! Driving a 2-door feels like driving a Jeep again. Short turning radius, crappy steering. I ditched the back...
  16. ALUMINUM bumpers ONLY. Let's see them!

    I had the Quadratec bumper on my previous Jeep (2018 Sahara). I wish I would have taken it off before I traded it on my 2020 Rubicon. It’s a great bumper. The bull bar has an opening on the backside where you can route wires nice and clean. Comes with the Winch plate. The finish was very...
  17. Are you all using Premium gas ?

    I only put premium in mine.
  18. Virginia Quadratec Winch Recall and ZERO customer service - "it's in the queue" and you'll get it when you get it"

    Any recall of a product that involves motor vehicles, and by extension NHTSA, is highly regulated. A company is not allowed to have any communication with a consumer unless it’s been reviewed and approved by NHTSA. That’s likely why every product recall for automobiles feels like the company...
  19. Pennsylvania Gladiator Rubicon Grille in Billet Silver

    Selling a grille from a 2020 Rubicon Gladiator Billet Silver (Fits Wrangler JL too). It’s perfect aside from a tiny paint chip under the second slot from the right. $275
  20. Quick stupid question...

    No, don’t peel that off. That’s there to protect from rocks being thrown off the front tires.