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  1. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    Yeah I can walk but it’s worth more then I owe, so I’ll trade regardless what I do. I was looking for used but right now they are so over priced!
  2. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    😂 Not saying I can’t afford it, I just really didn’t want that big of a payment.
  3. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    Thank you, I will check those other models out!
  4. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    Oh and I know all about that voice in my head! Sometimes I want to punch her! 😂
  5. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    No regerts huh! 😂 I know, there is just something about them!
  6. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    It’s gonna be a 2021 so that won’t help.
  7. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    I get that, but I wanted the sky touch for sure, painted fenders, along with leather and some other things that doesn’t come with the sport.
  8. Need help Sahara or Rubicon

    Did you change the suspension too or just a lift? I’m not to savvy on all the aftermarket parts that are available, I just know what I like, and me likes a lot! 😂
  9. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    I totally get it, that’s why I’m hesitant. Thanks!
  10. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    @cOtter ugh!! thanks!! 😂 you’re killing now with that!! LOVE!!
  11. Decisions, decisions....Rubicon or Sahara

    Hi all! Opinions please....I am in the market for another Wrangler, as my lease is coming to an end. I would really love to get a Rubicon, because right off the lot I’m happy how it looks with the factory wheels and so for me all I would really want to do is put bigger tires and maybe a 2.5”...
  12. What were they thinking?

    How’s the ware and tare on the tan seats? I have dogs and thought for that aspect the tan might be better because the black shows the drool/slobber marks lol. Never had tan seats but my friend said her vehicle she sees dye transfer from her jeans on the seats.
  13. What were they thinking?

    I actually like the tan seats too and at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the black with it but since then I really like it and considering it because I don’t like the red. The only other thing that bothers me is the grey dash. You would of thought they’d make it black with the rest of the...
  14. What were they thinking?

    Yes!! I’d rather have the black leather dash like the Sahara. Hell you pay a shit ton for the Rubicon, it should come with leather and not a plastic or whatever material it is for the money!!
  15. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Yeah I imagine the reinforced hinge is best for people who have way bigger tires then 35s and bigger wheels then the factory. I have a 2016 v6 right now and I love it but I’m seeing a lot more of the 2.0, I’m just not sure about it. Decisions decisions
  16. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    I’m wondering this as well as I’m looking ahead for when I order my Jeep. I most likely will keep factory rubicon wheels and change to 35”. I’m wondering do I need the reinforced hinge? How do you like the 2.0 turbo?
  17. Let’s see lifted granite crystal metallics!

    Nice! This is the granite metallic? Love the wheels!
  18. OCEAN BLUE Wrangler JL Club

    OMG! You guys are killing me with these! I’m obsessed with this color and can’t find one with the options I want. I wish this color would come back again!
  19. Do you constantly take cell phone pics of your JL every day? Post them here!

    Gorgeous Jeep! Love the color combo! Is that a 392 or just a Rubicon? Where did you get the different color letters besides the red?