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  1. Carvana Paying Big $$$ for Wranglers

    I've sold to Carmax in the past, and their offers were always reasonable. I imagine these vendors have data to indicate that purchasing from an individual private party is less risky/costly than purchasing at auction.
  2. Stop Sale Order?

    If I had to guess I would say that the salesman was confident you were not going to buy, and the dealership's sales manager told staff not to rack any miles on the Bikini Rubicon as it is the current halo car. Some customers are really picky about taking delivery of a car that has more than...
  3. Should I trade my F-150?

    This is personally how I look at being upside down: If I am $6k upside down and i'm not willing to front the cash it means I can't afford it. As I get older and think about my retirement planning I realize that I can't really afford any vehicle that I need to finance. I am fortunate to realize...
  4. Stock JL Sport 2 door. Will it offroad?

    I mistakenly typed 6% below MSRP. Thank you for correcting me it could have cost someone.
  5. Stock JL Sport 2 door. Will it offroad?

    Op should spend some time in the ordering and pricing section before deciding if they are getting a good deal ( ). There is an excel spreadsheet that will help you calculate the invoice price for all possible...