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  1. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    My Moab, right after a tree fell on it about a month ago. Only known damage was some minor scrapes on the hard top.
  2. Broken Wiring Identification?

    Figured it out; possibly wrong forum for the post. Connects to transfer case motor. Hopefully a pigtail replacement will fix it.
  3. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    Moab out driving in the spring snow
  4. Broken Wiring Identification?

    Any idea what this is in specific? I was driving a trail and ran over a branch I normally would not even think twice about. It popped up and smacked this connector in just the right (or wrong) way to damage it. Afterward service 4WD system light came on, and its very difficult making sharp...
  5. Armor for Driving Through Heavy Snow/Ice

    Any recommendations on undercarriage armor; the bottom of my Jeep seems to take the most abuse from hard packed snow and ice. It would be nice if I had something that had angles to push it away vs a flat plane since I inevitably end up plowing (with the sway bar control arms axle taking a lot...
  6. Utilizing Under the Driver Seat?

    That is the best off the shelf kit I have seen so far. Ive looked at it and talked with them on the phone. They agreed the changes I had in mind made sense. They couldnt offer the config I wanted because only a few people would need/buy it; they asked me to send in a pic of it when Im done...
  7. Utilizing Under the Driver Seat?

    Thanks for all the responses; appreciated. The diesel Rubicon thread was pretty helpful. I guess the plan is to see if I can fab something myself for < $200. If > $200 then I'll go with the amp rack. Im pretty set on this config. My goal is to air up/down the absolute fastest possible. Id...
  8. Utilizing Under the Driver Seat?

    Im using a Power Tank CO2 system. I want a manifold under one of the front seats, the drivers side is preferable. I want a line going from the tank mounted on the roll bar, to a manifold under the drivers seat. From there, a line goes out through the clutch pedal opening and branches out to 4...
  9. Utilizing Under the Driver Seat?

    Has anyone had any success with the space under the driver's seat in the JL? I want to install my air system manifold there and access it from the side with the drivers door open (operate ball valves, a couple different quick connect fittings, etc). After a few hours of searching, the only...
  10. Monster Valve Install (no tap)

    No, not beadlocks. It didn't go well. Every corporate chain place I called said no way. Finally found a private shop that would do it. Took it in and the guy told me there wasn't enough room for him to install it and also have the chuck fit. Apparently Ill be looking at new wheels before next...
  11. Night Wheeling

    Thanks! Over by Umatilla National Forest in Oregon. I was there getting Milky Way pics. I was about done since the sky was turning blue, took of of the Jeep because why not Yeah on weekends I do, usually get some rest ~10ish. Getting up early for work during the week has always been hard, Im a...
  12. Night Wheeling

    Anyone else in the area into hitting the trails at night? I go late night wheeling (and night hiking) more than I do during the day. I'm very comfortable rolling solo but but would be nice to find other folks into it.
  13. Monster Valve Install (no tap)

    Folks using Monster Valves, in specifically the version you dont use the tap, how did you install them? Its supposed to be easier, but you have to take the tire off the wheel from my understanding of it. No known Jeep/4x4 shops where I am. I talked to a guy from Les Schwab and when I got the...
  14. Winches on Mall Crawlers?

    I’ve had to winch myself out half a dozen times on marked forest roads since I installed my winch a few months ago. It was solo snow wheeling at night, but still.
  15. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    Thanks. I like it a lot too, surprised how hard it makes the transmission work though. Ill probably have an aftermarket cooler installed before next winter. Jeep in the snow as seen with night vision
  16. Jeeps in Snow... post pics.

    Here's a few with my 2019 Moab
  17. Rear seat dimensions after removal? (JL Unlimited)

    Does anyone know what the dimensions of the seat are after its removed and in its smallest configuration? I want to remove mine but Im struggling to figure out where I can fit it since I live in an apartment on the 3rd floor..
  18. MOAB Edition JL Club Thread

    This thing has been great for my first jeep, Ive had to rotate the tires twice already and I just picked it up late November.
  19. Shop for Customer Supplied Lift Kit Install - East WA or NE OR?

    Thank you for the responses, appreciate the info! tobyw - would be interested in the future, not sure where to meet local folks and Im definitely interested in learning to be more self reliant with respect to maintenance and minor repairs/upgrades Mr.BoJangles_91 - If its anything like the...