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  1. Purchases for my first Wrangler JLU

    Quadratec is very reputable. Big selection and their self branded products have always worked well for me. My only issue is sometimes when I have placed an order it doesnt ship for a while and when I called, it was backordered. Would be nice to know that up front and this was Pre-Covid. All...
  2. Question regarding swapping stock OEM for LED OEM tailights

    The DRL's will not work on the headlights. There are some members who have found a way to use the DRL's and attach them to the aux switches but I dont believe you can get them to come on like a LED equipped Jeep does. Aftermarket seems the way to go for LED upgrads
  3. Thud noise at low speeds new body style sahara Here is a thread that should help. Lots of folks including me have had issues with the rear D44 axle. It creates a rotational thud/knocking sound at low speeds with no foot on the gas. I had my rear...
  4. Dealer Help - Reprogramming for Tire Size

    That is insane to charge that much. This is just my opinion and feel free to ignore it but if you just went from Sport S wheels to Rubi takeoffs and 33's, You wont really notice any difference in shifting. I believe a lot of people only recalibrate when they go up to 35s and above. For...
  5. Can I see some builds with -18mm offset wheels?

    That’s a good looking jeep. I think this is the lift. I didn’t add anything additional. I have a steel bumper so front is slightly lower but u wouldn’t notice unless u measured. I don’t have a winch but can’t imagine u would lose much. As far as ride, I couldn’t be happier with how it...
  6. Can I see some builds with -18mm offset wheels?

    Thanks much. The wheels are 17x9.5. -18 offset and 4.5 backspacing. Tires are also what u mentioned at 35x12.5. I’m running a 2.5 inch teraflex lift but the mopar one will net u at least 2.5 inches possibly 3 to my understanding and should remove almost all the rake.
  7. Can I see some builds with -18mm offset wheels?

    Stuck has good taste. I have the exact same wheels. Here is a straight on pic of -18 offset. Good luck in your shopping
  8. Highway driving

    Were there any other upgrades made underneath to accommodate the lift and 37s? Thats a lot to ask of stock parts if not. Most would want upgraded axles, regearing, steering stabilizer, etc. I will let those that run 37s chime in but knowing the above will help them give u good advice. on...
  9. Possibly buying 2018 CPO Rubi Unlimited today, what things to look for??

    On the rear axle, did you have the same problem both times? Just wondered as I had mine replaced around 13K. Wondering if more pain is in my future with the D44?
  10. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Its on a 2.5 inch Teraflex lift with 35 x 12.5's.
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed HDX drop steps. Some bolts were a pain to thread but love the look
  12. ‘20 Sport S Unlimited Build Recommendations

    i think most folks are happy with the mopar lift. I simply went teraflex because my local offroad shop suggested and I trust them. Turned out great. the mopar led tailights are plug and play. Simple 5 min install. For the daytime running lights some other kind members will need to chime in...
  13. ‘20 Sport S Unlimited Build Recommendations

    Welcome to the club. I can’t speak for every point on here but can help with a few Mopar lift will net u at least 3 inches on a sport even though it says 2. You will easily be able to run 35’s with no change to fender or rub. For comparison, I installed a 2.5 inch teraflex lift and have...
  14. Weird noise from rear passenger wheel

    nope. Dealership immediately replaced and didn’t try to repair thank god. All is well now.
  15. Weird noise from rear passenger wheel

    I get it’s a rubicon but that is the exact description and sound my rear D44 made as well. took mine in and they replaced the axle
  16. Balanced Rim/Wheel/Lift Upgrade Combination?

    I tend to agree with sourdough above. 35's and a 2 inch lift (which might net you up to 3 inches) is a good balance for offroad and highway driving. As far as rim size, the more rubber you have the better ride you are going to get. Many people on this forum choose 17 inch rims for this...
  17. Light Bar makes soft top sound like 'Old Glory' flapping in the wind

    I saw this one as well and did not purchase for the exact reason you mentioned. Already working with a small windshield and seems this will make it worse.
  18. Light Bar makes soft top sound like 'Old Glory' flapping in the wind

    They make some wind deflectors for light bars but I am not sure how good they actually are. I went purchase the KC light bar and my local shop said "Do not do this. You will regret it later due to noise" The fact that they didn't want to just make some money off me was telling. Here I sit...
  19. Overall Reliability?

    just passed 2 years of ownership and 15K miles. Had to get a new rear axle (dana44) which dealership did quickly and a computer glitch (service engine light) that they said was a loose ground connection. While those 2 alone are more issues than I have ever had on any other new vehicle, it...
  20. What % tint to get for front windows?

    I did 15% to account for more light through windshield. I cant tell the difference