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  1. Florida Off-Road Foundation License Plate

    Getting closer. 1,777.
  2. Florida Off-Road Foundation License Plate

    You would think they'd have other ways to promote this or raise money for their foundation. Sell us some stickers, t-shirts, whatever. They told me they were "on vacation" during Jeep Beach so they didn't go. There were thousands and thousands of Jeeps around here. I doubt they'll go to the...
  3. Any Issues Caused By Recent Update?

    No issues, but no improvements either. For a day or two, I thought things were moving a little faster when switching between apps. But now I get the same lag again.
  4. Florida Off-Road Foundation License Plate

    Got my voucher yesterday. It came from the Tax Collector's office in Bay County. I live in Volusia County. Any idea if I need to call someone to have it fixed, or do all of these come from Bay County?
  5. Florida Off-Road Foundation License Plate

    Noooo. We need you to hit 3,000 :CWL:
  6. Another Uconnect Update

    Mine updated last night as well. When I started up this morning, I got a notification that said my UCONNECT was updated to the most recent version. It then had 2 buttons. "OK" and "SEE WHATS NEW" but the "SEE WHATS NEW" option wasn't clickable. Navigating through the different screens does seem...
  7. Florida Off-Road Foundation License Plate

    I e-mailed them a few days after I ordered to see if they had an updated count available. Was hoping they were at Jeep Beach and got some interest and sign-ups there. They responded saying that they were on vacation and would update in a few days. It's been a little less than 2 weeks since that...
  8. CarPlay - did FCA give up?

    I've noticed that mine doesn't work if I have an unread notification on the phone when I plug it in. No matter how many times I unplug and try again, it just won't work. It'll charge fine, it just won't show up on CarPlay. Once I unlock the phone and clear whatever the notification is, it works...
  9. Florida Off-Road Foundation License Plate

    I finally got my Jeep registered in FL today and signed up for the Off Road Foundation plate. Let's gooooooo 3,000. If the order numbers are indicative of how many people signed up so far, it's up into the 1360's.
  10. Florida Off-Road Foundation License Plate

    I'm still waiting for Chrysler Capital to get my title from CT to FL so I can register my car here. Was going to just go with the regular boring FL plate so I could sign up for this one. But I'm with you. Not sure if it'll hit 3,000 and might just go with the Endless Summer option instead.
  11. Florida Off-Road Foundation License Plate

    Anyone see anything from them at Jeep Beach?
  12. ∞ JEEP BEACH 2021 CHAT ∞

    Sucks. The weather has been GREAT for the last few weeks too. Now comes all the rain.
  13. Rollnjack Hardtop Lift

    I’m pretty sure that he’s been in Vietnam for a while. His social media has a lot of posts from there. Maybe that’s where his manufacturing facility is? He’s also been posting a lot about his next product. It’s a door removal tool with a cart. Looking pretty cool but also looks like it’d take up...
  14. Best/Reliable Repair/Mod Shops in Central Florida/East Coast FL?

    Some old pics from when I was still in Connecticut, but it looks pretty much the same. I have a NE Patriots decal on the rear window. #GoPats
  15. Best/Reliable Repair/Mod Shops in Central Florida/East Coast FL?

    Congrats on the Jeep. I'm in NSB as well. I've used the Jeep dealer on Rt. 44 for basic service and they were great. I don't have any other shop recommendations yet. Just moved here not too long ago.
  16. Daytona area dealers

    I'm new to the area and also just used the New Smyrna Beach location for the same services as Rufus. They were great.
  17. Florida Off-Road Foundation License Plate

    I know it's legit now, but their website and FB page are poorly managed. I also thought it was a scam the first few times I saw it.
  18. Florida Off-Road Foundation License Plate

    Hopefully they can advertise it at Jeep Beach this year or somewhere to get more people to register. Can't believe it's taking this long to get to 3,000.
  19. ∞ JEEP BEACH 2021 CHAT ∞

    Moving from Connecticut to NSB, FL in March. Sounds like fun. I'll be there.
  20. Florida Off-Road Foundation License Plate

    Traded a few e-mails with them. They were at 1,088 last week.