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  1. How do Cold Starts Work on the 4xe?

    When mine starts when the battery runs out the engine goes to around 1800 RPM. Even in a parking lot driving slow it sounds like I am trying to fly through the parking lot while coasting. I hate it and wish I could reprogram it to just idle like a normal engine.
  2. 4xE Order Status??

    Just got word that mine is off the train and being shipped to the dealer. Should be driving it on Saturday.
  3. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    My heat is a wood boiler, my stove is gas, and no heat pump. My ac is a 22seer variable speed. I designed the house around the solar because I knew from experience (14yrs of solar installs) what I needed to do.
  4. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    They are Lithium Iron Phosphate, super heavy batteries. These are on wheels but the new boxes don't have wheels so they are harder to move around.
  5. 4xE Order Status??

    I just got word that mine shipped. Dealer is in Georgia and they said 2 weeks possible for less than a 12hr trip.
  6. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    16kw of solar with 40kwh of batteries.
  7. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    For a lot of people it doesn't make sense to go off grid. For me it was a no brainer. I am in the solar industry so I have special pricing and was building a new house so I put it into my mortgage. Normal price for what I built would have been around 175k, I paid 90k.
  8. Will the 4xe be unusable in hot weather?!

    I have been in the EV world since 2015. My wife bought a Leaf the same time we installed solar( I am in the industry and did it myself). We never paid a dime to charge her car when we were in that house due to credits we produced during the day. Fast forward to 2018 and I built a house and made...
  9. Any concern of spilling food in back seat (on top of PHEV)

    Give it a week and my Jeep will smell like stale fries and old man farts. haha
  10. 4xE Order Status??

    My dealer (mall of Georgia) said they have 11 ordered and 7 waiting to be put on the train. I got an estimate of end of April, I hope to get it in the next 2 weeks.
  11. 4xE Order Status??

    Looks like a test Jeep by the amount of dirt already on it.
  12. Hands on the Jeep Wrangler 4xe by TFL

    I wonder if that was one of the ones the guy posted about last week he saw going west in Indiana. Would make sense.
  13. 4xE Order Status??

    My dealer just told me mine shipped but won't be to his lot till the 27th. It is less than a day trip from Toledo to Atlanta.
  14. 4xE Order Status??

    Mine showed up this morning on crypto. Now to wait on the text from the dealer.
  15. Order Status

    Did mine... doing the happy dance because I have my sticker now.😋😋😋
  16. Shipping!! Finally!

    Think they are loading the train cars with just the 4xEs or are they mixing the models?
  17. 4xE Order Status??

    I have had my VIN since the day after I ordered. I still don't have my window sticker yet.
  18. 4xe break-in process

    If it was going to be summer time I wouldn't but if the temps are below 85 then it shouldn't be a strain. The RPM will still be below 1800 at cruise and nothing should get too warm.