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  1. Steering issues cured by installing new Steering gear box! (per TSB 08-074-20)

    Great news! Just curious if this is also a Chinese made box from same or different supplier. Would be funny if it’s basically a JK box.
  2. AC stops blowing cold when put in park

    Interesting. 1. What happens if you turn ess off (dash button) while driving and then brake and place into park? The engine shouldn’t stop/start. Does the A/C stay on? 2. When you experience the A/C turning off as you described, does the A/C light on the dash button stay on? Just curious if...
  3. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    If/when the 48v battery fails after warranty, it’s $1,500 list price from mopar. No thanks! Plus the added electrical and mechanical engineering involved to potentially fail. The 48v battery has its own coolant system. What could possibly go wrong? No interest in a “mild hybrid”. Give me the...
  4. Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler mega thread

    It seems “eTorque” is optional on most trim levels, not standard. The regular V6 is still standard on most models. At least according to in USA. Maybe eTorque is standard in other markets.
  5. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Why risk a FCA mechanic wrenching on your JL? I imagine the TSB is good for the life of your warranty so it could be applied later if needed. Gives them time to make sure the new box works properly without problems given FCA’s track record with multi iterations...
  6. New JL Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Wow! This is HUGE news! New AA (steel housing) steering box and new AB power steering pump? What does the (AR) next to quantity mean? Sorry, got too excited. Not a new pump, just new fluid! :giggle:
  7. Axle Vent Broken - Can't Find Replacement Part

    I found the Rubicon front axle vent item #6 in exploded view. Part # 68398729AA.
  8. The torx screw from hell

    Is the side marker lens sold as a separate item or do you have to purchase that whole assembly you pictured? If sold separate, then I agree the screw should be listed separately or at least shown in the exploded view. If it’s only sold as the complete assembly as you pictured, then I could...
  9. JLU Rubi Rear Window Implosion!

    This is an interesting read on tempered glass. It’s a shame consumers have to shell out insurance deductibles to fix possible manufacturing defects.
  10. Air conditioning not working right

    The warm outside air entering the cabin problem is unrelated to the A/C compressor. In this situation outside air enters the cabin underneath the glove box but the dash vents should still blow cold air if the compressor is running. If you are finding the A/C intermittently stops blowing cold...
  11. 2020 JLU Diesel Inoperable - FCA Arbitration Date Finally Set

    Have you looked into lemon laws in your state? Purchased from IL but registered in FL? Not sure that would be any different than the arbitration you mention.
  12. Rubicon Chirps over Bumps

    I would ask them to make certain all suspension and steering components are torqued to spec. Seems many JLs roll off the assembly line with bolts/nuts not torqued properly. Could be a shock. Could be the coil spring is rubbing somewhere. So many things. Maybe others will chime in.
  13. Rubicon Chirps over Bumps

    Sorry don’t have an answer for you but I would try to isolate the sound to front/rear and right/left by having someone sit in the back seat or walk/jog along outside while it’s being driven. From your description definitely sounds suspension related or could be front knuckle moving ever so...
  14. 3 bad steering boxes...WTH FCA?

    The new aluminum steering boxes are made in China. I am curious if the JK steering boxes have a different non-China supplier.
  15. Passenger front window exploded

    Tempered glass has a tendency to spontaneously explode if there is any slight defect in the glass. My mom’s sunroof exploded while she was driving. Just do an internet search to see how prevalent it is from cars to furniture. Jeep and insurance will most likely deny any warranty claim stating a...
  16. While the A/C is on, The Jeep randomly blows HOT air from the floor vents for 3-5 mins then stops

    Seems like a huge liability. Owners will disable this “safety feature” causing fatal crashes due to CO2 poisoning! :CWL:
  17. While the A/C is on, The Jeep randomly blows HOT air from the floor vents for 3-5 mins then stops

    Seems like a very easy software fix. The rumor is the damper periodically opens to allow “fresh air” into the cabin to help regulate CO2 and O2 levels. Okay, I’ll buy into that claim however ridiculous it sounds. If engineers simply programmed the door to fully open automatically instead of...
  18. While the A/C is on, The Jeep randomly blows HOT air from the floor vents for 3-5 mins then stops

    Post #324 includes a video of the problem. The recirc damper door automatically opens, but only partially opens. This partial opening allows outside air to enter the cabin behind the glovebox and is directed toward the floor instead of into the HVAC filter and ductwork. You can hear the outside...
  19. Multiple Misfires Detected

    Could it be related to star case in this thread?
  20. Steering locked up when going around a curve

    Have been some reports of steering lock up. Here’s an example captured on youtube.