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  1. Florida Roll Call!

  2. ∞ JEEP BEACH 2020 CHAT ∞

    Damn Jeep Beach cancelled again!!
  3. Problem with New Sahara

    must be nice!
  4. Problem with New Sahara

    Nice haha congrats!
  5. New Full Length Halo Rack Coming for Jeep Wrangler

    Let me get in on that R&D here in Florida LOL
  6. Problem with New Sahara

    Wait... you got rid of your other Jeep? Where have I been?
  7. Florida Roll Call!

    Also I’ve spoken with the owner of AAL and he is a veteran. USMC. Great dude. Everything they have is made in the USA with the exception of the LED’s themselves which they are currently (or at the time) looking for a vendor in the US that isn't outrageously priced. I stand behind that company 110%.
  8. Florida Roll Call!

    Out with the old, in with the new. Fog Lights.
  9. is yellow harder to sell?

    I would venture to say most midlife crisis colors are a little harder to sell, however, if you think about it with our population someone’s got to be going through a midlife crisis at any given moment. That said, maybe they shouldn’t be hard to sell.. haha I know a few who have the “crazy...
  10. Confused Jeep

    Sure sounds like it’s confused haha I’m sure they’ll push something else OTA to fix the bug in the last patch. If it persists I’d take it in..
  11. ∞ JEEP BEACH 2020 CHAT ∞

    I couldn’t wake up early enough last year haha
  12. Florida Roll Call!

    Only a few more months until Jeep Beach 2020‼️
  13. Florida Roll Call!

    It’s that time of year fellas. I know it sucks but let’s get’er done ✅ PS: No, I didn’t put soap on the flavor bars or grill grates..
  14. Florida Roll Call!

  15. Mopar Tailgate Table Installation Writeup

    Enjoy bro you’re going to love it!!
  16. Florida Roll Call!

    Looks badass man!
  17. Florida Roll Call!

    And it was worth every mile. Welcome to the sunshine state broski!
  18. Mopar Cabin Air Filter Replacement DIY Writeup

    NICE! Thanks for posting up so others now have options when it comes to filters. Like I said I will probably go this route after this next 30k is up!
  19. license plate relocation idea

    Yeah people say departure angles and this and that yeah ok a small spot for your plate isn’t going to be the pass of fail test trying to wheel Mount Everest..
  20. Florida Roll Call!

    @Redneck_Jedi Coming along bro!