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  1. Rugged Ridge Low/High mount Snorkel system for RHD JL

    I had no issues with fitment.
  2. Forgot to push the engine off button. In Manhattan!

    God bless you and your wife, best wishes for a speedy recovery. Sketchy up there, I went to school up that way, be careful.
  3. Forgot to push the engine off button. In Manhattan!

    But you would’ve had a homeless dude sleeping in it
  4. Who's faster? 4XE or 392?

    They’re both very fast…at draining your wallet.
  5. Texas Shara Color Fenders (Punk’n) with AAL chop bracket

    I'm guessing these wouldn't be worth shipping given their bulk?
  6. New York Hi-Lift Jack HL604 60" Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack $60

    Where in LI? I'm in the city.
  7. Weak Throttle Response on Manual Transmission Models?

    The 3.6 with the 6spd is a pig under 2k RPMs, especially if you go up in tire size. I would think you’d have a better experience with the Rubi stock gearing than us Sport owners do though. I haven’t had the remapping recall for the clutch issues done yet though.
  8. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    What’s the downside to having it flashed?
  9. 3.6L ESS Aux Battery Bypass

    Any new upgraded aftermarket options for the aux battery?
  10. Hot weather

    Thank you. The next time I’m driving in those types of conditions I’ll pull over and put the top up to see if I notice the difference.
  11. Hot weather

    Thanks, I figured it was an induction efficiency effect but was just wondering if it was some sort of “feature” given the clutch heat issues. I was also a little surprised at the 12 degree temperature difference being so noticeable but the humidity also made a big difference I’m sure.
  12. Clunk noise in 1st gear

    I have a 3.6 Sport with a 6mt, stock hearing, LSD, and 33.25” tires on stock wheels. When at a stop, when I release the clutch in first gear I hear a distinct metallic clunk noise. It’s just the single sound and it doesn’t repeat. I don’t think it does it in any other gear but I might not be...
  13. Hot weather

    I drove across FL twice in the last few weeks. The day trips were during about 90F temps. The engine was very sluggish around 70mph. 6th gear was almost unusable. I have a 6mt on a Sport. I do run 33.25” tires. Driving back at night the temps were in the high 70s (about a 12 degree...
  14. Dealer Cussed me out over Survey!

    To bad you didn’t record the call.
  15. Rugged Ridge Low/High mount Snorkel system for RHD JL

    Here’s mine for those interested in Punk’n. I color-matched as well using Touchup Direct. I didn’t have any fitment issues with the cowl piece.
  16. Did they really do anything ?

    I’m not sure about your city but we don’t have driveways or even autozones with parking lots where I am. I wouldn’t have a place to store ramps or even a creeper where it wouldn’t be in the way. Nor any place to keep a drain pan or a place to get rid of the used oil easily. Triple checking...
  17. Did they really do anything ?

    I tend to agree EXCEPT that I live in a city and don’t have access to a garage etc to do it myself, so I found the dealer closest to me with a Customer First award, then double checked with the service writer that they knew how much and the right type oil, then checked the level when I left. I...
  18. EZTRUNK for JL install?

    I saw them at Jeep Beach. They say that the JLU model will fit a JL model and come up to the rear seats when they are flipped forward. If you want to use the rear seats as seats, you have to modify the mounting of the EZ Trunk a little bit by expanding the mounting holes (so they told me) such...
  19. BUYERS BEWARE...3.0 Diesel...JeepDOESNTCare

    Any update from OP on this? As for delete kits, can they really be made illegal? Even if they are, I remember reading something in school about Prohibition, where there were instructions of exactly what NOT to do if you didn’t want grapes to ferment :) If you did remove the troublesome...