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  1. 2021 Seat Torture

    I'm 6'3" with a longer torso and had a 2018 jlu for 2.5 years(29k miles) that I daily drove the first 1.5 years. The driver seat was always an issue bc the back of my head was touching the roll bar when I sat up decently straight and outward visibility wasn't great. The seat needs to lower 2"...
  2. Utah 2018 Well Built Sahara with Dana 44s and Lockers

    Awesome build from a great guy...I highly recommend the seller!
  3. Death Wobble Without Stabilizer

    Are you running 39s on a stock sport front axle? That's a big tire on stock steering components even for mall crawling.
  4. 2021 JLUR (manual, 3.6L ESS) Won't Start

    I wouldn't overthink it. Put it in neutral, release the parking brake and push the jeep into a place you can try and jump start it.
  5. 2021 JLUR (manual, 3.6L ESS) Won't Start

    Have you tried to jump start it with good 'ol fashion jumper cables?
  6. Reid Racing Steering knuckles

    Have you tried rotating your tires? Do you have a friend who will let you swap on his wheels/tires?
  7. Billet Sport S- Rubi Axle/T-Case Swap

    Thanks man...appreciate the kind words. I hope you have better luck. Feel free to PM me if you have questions or if I can help.:beer:
  8. Billet Sport S- Rubi Axle/T-Case Swap

    Awesome CJ. I know you've put way more work into building it than I am willing to do and I'd like something more family/street friendly. :beer:
  9. Into the dealership, again.

    Wow...unbelievable that you've put up with them keeping it 5 months and they still dont have it fixed.:surprised:
  10. Into the dealership, again.

    Not surprising...How long have they had your jeep? They provided me a 2019 wrangler as a loaner twice and a ford explorer rental once.
  11. Billet Sport S- Rubi Axle/T-Case Swap

    @Krondor @Moto_21 @Creeker @hoag4147 @LUV2JEEP Thought you guys might be interested in this video from the perspective of a big jeep builder who also owns a crazy built JT. At 12:30 into the video, they hammer down with 400lb ft of torque and he compares the ride.
  12. Into the dealership, again.

    Not surprising...are you still going without a loaner vehicle?
  13. Recall Notice 21V-028 [1/28/21]: Manual Transmission / Clutch Overheat Covers All 2018-2021 Jeep Wranglers Produced by January 22, 2021

    No...There are legit defects with some of the clutches. I have owned 5 manuals previously and made it 170k miles on a Infiniti G35 clutch once. I didnt ride the JLU clutch or drive it hard and it started slipping at 25k miles and was replaced at 27k miles bc it failed the recall test. I know...
  14. How to Beat Death Wobble! (An Algorithm to Diagnose The Issue)

    It's very unlikely the steering box is the culprit. Have you followed the steps in the algorithm in the 1st post and performed them?
  15. JlUR Clutch Creaking

    Sorry man...Typical FCA quality & service. :facepalm:
  16. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) on 2018-2020 JL Manuals [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    I'm not hardcore...but did wheel my jlu 1-2 times a month and the clutch started slipping on hills and reversing at 25k miles. It flunked the previous clutch recall test at 27k miles and dealer kept it for 2 weeks to replace the clutch.
  17. Wanna buy my old Jeep?

    IMHO, the dealer got a deal getting that jeep for $28,500 considering it has nice factory upgrades and you added a OEM steel bumper, winch, steps, lift, wheels, lights. A $36k starting dealer price snt too high..I bet it sells for around $34k. You could've removed and sold separately the steel...
  18. How to Beat Death Wobble! (An Algorithm to Diagnose The Issue) DW didn't hit overnight. It started with a shimmy and progressed. Interestingly, it only happened between 25-45mph. I cautiously took it on the hwy a few times and it never wobbled at high speed.:whew:
  19. How to Beat Death Wobble! (An Algorithm to Diagnose The Issue)

    That's not death wobble...there is no miniscule know death wobble when it hits, bc you can't drive out of it and it's scary. A little shake is a shimmy. You could have had some bumpsteer hitting a bump. Here's what my jeep was doing hitting bumps at 45 mph...had to slow below 5...