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  1. California SOLD- JKS Quick Disconnects

    JKS quick disconnects, 0-2.0". The rods and brackets are used (Good Shape), all the mounting hardware is "new" in bags. Instructions and sticker included. I bought this kit not measuring right needing the longer kit. Swapped out the rods and mounting bracket parts and selling as a 0-2" kit...
  2. Fox Stabilizer & Metalcloak

    I seem to not have the full steer anymore with Rocksport.... have opportunity to get a Fox Stabilizer from a buddy.
  3. Fox Stabilizer & Metalcloak

    Is anyone using a Fox Steering stabilizer and the Metalcloak relocation bracket set up? Issues or concerns? Any pics. Thanks
  4. California Pedal Commander $180 shipped

    Where in Cali are you?
  5. Rear Storage Shelf

    Looks solid.
  6. JKS Disconnects Install

    JKS recommended the shorter quick disconnects for my Mopar lift on my 18 JL Sport. The right passenger side has increasingly been harder to get on the pin to secure. Then I noticed the quick disconnect isnt vertical. Verified the install with washers, spacers, and bushings. Stumped.... any...
  7. California Rock Hard Bolt-on Front Control Arm Skid Plates

    Where in Cali? I'm in Lancaster.
  8. Metalcloak Tie Rod Finish

    I will give ya durable but its unrefined looking versus powdercoated one. A crappy looking piece steel with a transparent coat so you can see all everyfhing. I will prob throw some rattle can black over it. Worse part of it all is their customer service blew me off.
  9. Metalcloak Tie Rod Finish

    Wasnt what I expected as normal. To me normal is abit more finished and prepwork before coating is applied. Might be durable but looks sloppy.
  10. Questionable Coating Finish

    I purchased your Tie Rod, Drag Link, and Track Bar recently. The tie rod finish looks pretty pitted compared to the other parts I received. I did contact customer service who told me this was expected and due to the steel type and manufacturing process. He also stated that Metalcloak focuses...
  11. Metalcloak Tie Rod Finish

    I just received my tie rod from Metalcloak and it has the finish in the pictures. The Draglink and track bar are smooth. Metalcloak says this is normal in their manufacturing process. Anyone have a comparison? Thanks
  12. Alignments

    With a good alignment, no wobble... wobble is worst after going out. No mud.
  13. Alignments

    Not typically after each run. Do go through periidically without noticing anything loose.
  14. Alignments

    I am finding the need to do a alignment after most moderate offroading. Will aftermarket steering parts keep the steering alignment better?
  15. Rear Seat Removal

    Liking it. Thanks
  16. Rear Seat Removal

    Looking for any ideas to fabricate a floor panel in place of the rear seats. Not keen spending that money on buying one if I can make something. Thanks
  17. No Electrical Power

    so....... Jeep broke down. Wouldnt start, all dash lights flashed, gage needles fluxurated. Eventually just died and was towed home. Both batteries replaced and still no power to Jeep. Completely dead. Any ideas? I
  18. Battery Replacement

    Time consuming but easy enough. Bungy plugs and other BS out of way....... 7 mm and 10mm. Flat head to pry snaps.
  19. Battery Replacement

    The aux battery wasnt holding a charge. Replaced it tonight, all good now.