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  1. Mixing ohm loads

    I wouldn't run in series, ohm load would be 6ohm. Leaving it alone while only slightly below what's recommended might reduce the life of the amp but I personally would prefer. Although the best answer would be another amp just like it, one 4ch amp feeding the four front and one 4ch feeding...
  2. Mixing ohm loads

    That's six speakers on a four channel Amp. Parallel wired upper and lower fronts results in a 1.5 ohm load.
  3. Mixing ohm loads

    If your running the dash and lower dash speakers paralleled you have the Amp in a 1.5ohm load on two of the four outputs. It's rated only down to a 2ohm load.
  4. ESS crapped out - is my winch right

    Nothing wrong with winch.
  5. When to unmarry tazar JL mini

    I did 1st time, after that no. Never been questioned about it.
  6. My JL won’t turn on after switching speakers out!! Push button start does nothing!

    Post #4 suggest that you unplugged the push start button so my best guess is a bent pin when you reinstalled it or soft set it. Pull it back out and inspect.
  7. 2-Door JL's on 37's...Pro's / Con's

    Ultimately I want to get another set of wheels and run 35 at daily and 37 mt for fun
  8. Wife drove in 4L for 20 Miles at 60 miles per hour.

    I hope your next wife is a jeep girl
  9. Does weight matter?

    There has been a lot of great replies here so no need repeat but center of gravity needs to always be a concern. Outside of unsprung wheels and tire weight, lower is better. Offset wheels can also help lower center of gravity. Many years ago I built very light Suzuki sidekick build and with...
  10. Front End Rattle after Installing Lift and Wheels/Tires

    Sounds like something worked it's way loose. First thing I would do is torque check all bolts from lift and shocks.

    They look nice. I don't have any experience with the doors but I do have a fishbone rack and like it. I've ordered quite a bit of parts and never have I seen parts packaged for shipping as well as fishbone.
  12. What did you name your Jeep JL?

    Congratulations and a jeep is way more fun and cheaper than a wife.
  13. For those planning to keep their 3.6L Jeeps for years: Story of 626k miles on Pentastar and still going! Check Out How Surprisingly Durable This Chrysler Pentastar V6 Is After 626,000 Miles See how important maintenance really is. When you think of reliable engines, something...
  14. Fiat Chrysler Fired A Warning Shot To Its Workers Over Coronavirus Work Stoppages

    Don't worry my jeeple, these scare tactics will stop after the election. The socialist need you to vote by mail for SOME reason.
  15. Bonefish interior cargo rack on two door.

    This is the four door cargo rack because us two door owners don't have near the options. I took the rear seat out the first week of ownership. I wanted a rack that came up to the back of the seats for easy access not at rear that all racks say they don't work with soft tops. Most would be...
  16. Audio cuts off when in start stop mode

    This would solve your problem if your amp doesn't have a signal sense ability. It would turn on the amp when it sees speaker output from radio. If they would have used a better loc, it would be built int
  17. Audio cuts off when in start stop mode

    Then my guess might be accurate. When it goes off look and see if amp turns off. You could also use a test light or meter to check voltage when not working. Turn on wire should be the blue one.
  18. Audio cuts off when in start stop mode

    Not enough info to reply but I'll guess that your using stock radio and amp powers both speakers and subs and that the remote turn on wire is losing voltage when car shuts down. If that's the case find another source of accessory power for remote or get an amp that auto turns on with signal...
  19. Made in the USA

    I build those Alabama built Hondas and the plant is cleaner and greener than you could possibly imagine. We're told that the plant has no more going to the landfill than your average four person household.